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  • Michael Wright

Lineage 2M Early Access Gameplay - Is it Worth Waiting For?


In this article we will be looking at the gameplay and discussing some of the expectations around NCSoft's Lineage 2 M which has been released exclusively in South Korea with a global release planned for early 2021 on iOS and Android. Lineage 2M's is trying to bring back the PC MMORPG experience with heavy exploration and grinding to the mobile device. (So forget that fast progression, enhancements, gems, mounts etc. this is not what the game is about) Without further ado, let's dive into the game's feature and mechanics.

Lineage 2M is also based on a timeline right before the original Lineage 2 on PC. With that said, the game will actually be cross-platform supported which will allow both mobile and PC gamers play together on the same servers.

Classes and Weapons

Lineage 2M Dark Elf Classes

Lineage 2M is based on a weapon system where players can choose one of the 5 races (Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs and Dwarfs) then choose one of the available weapons for that race. The game encourages you to make multiple characters using different races and weapons that will give you an account wide passive stat boost through the game's codex progression system (which I get into below).

Currently each race is gender locked (but we may see this change during the global release). Each race will have different base and growth stats which will make a small differences later on in the game. Your weapon choice will influence what skills will be available to you (View more in the next section) as you play through the game and you cannot swap between weapons unfortunately.

Lineage 2M Human Classes

Gameplay and Combat

Lineage 2M Gameplay Assassin

Don't let the game's visuals fool you. This may look like a typical mobile MMORPG like Black Desert Mobile or Dragon Raja, but I assure you it's not in many ways. Lineage 2M really tries to bring the PC MMORPG experience to mobile by focusing on exploration and grinding. You will see in the next section, character progression really focuses on the codex system which is based on monster hunting, item collection, and general exploration.

The control layout is quite different compared to other mobile games, a player can have 20 skills actively equipped through the middle bar function. There will be 4 sets of skill, each with 5 slots. This is truly giving you the variety and complexity in PC MMORPG's compared to the typical 4-5 skills mobile MMORPGs have.

I personally find the combat a bit lackluster, there are no fancy effects or anything unique that I haven't seen before in a MMORPG. Luckily there is auto-play/auto-combat to take away from the grind. The true purpose of the game is really about exploration and progression while having a strategic set-up for your character such as the right skill rotation. The game almost encourages you to use auto-play/combat while getting you to focus more on your character build, progression and unlocking new codex items through exploration.

Progression System

Lineage 2M Codex System

As mentioned above, Lineage 2M isn't like your typical MMORPG in terms of progression, so forget about things like gems, enhancements, Gacha pulls for items that boost stats, and the sort. Lineage 2M's progression is heavily relies on the Codex system.

The Codex system is a way for the game to encourage players to spend more time exploring, hunting and collecting items that they can then 'register' into the account to unlock passive stats and bonuses for your characters. You can register things such as weapons, gear, pets, monster souls, unlocked characters, and many more. Some codex passives will give your character more power while others will help you progress quicker.

There are also other things that makes your character stronger such as better gear, weapon expertise, pets, a talent system which you can assign points, skills and other things. In the end, the codex system and how much you've unlocked/collected will be the game changer.

Other Game Features

Lineage 2M will have some of your classic RPG features such as durability of weapons/gear, quantity of arrows and weight system for your inventory. This will be a pro or con depending on personal preference. (I personally don't like this because it just gives me more work to do)

Lineage 2M also has some core features in MMORPGs such as PvP, Castle Raids, Guild events, world bosses, and more. There will never be a lack of things to do in Lineage 2M, you will need to be fighting off hordes of monsters to unlock achievements and codex passives.

Final Thoughts

As a long time player of PC MMORPG's, Lineage 2M is the closest thing I've seen on mobile come to the PC experience. I personally found the slow progression, heavy grind and skill customisation quite refreshing for a mobile title. This game is definitely not made for people who are looking for a casual game or fast progression to end game type of game. To truly enjoy Lineage 2M, you are someone who loves the grind and taking the time to collect things through exploration and hunting. In the end, players with the most patience and spent the most time grinding will be the strongest.

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