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  • Michael Wright

LoL Wild Rift: The Biggest Mobile E-Sports Game of The Decade?

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Mobile gamers rejoice! Riot Games is finally bringing the League of Legends title to your phones and tablets in through Wild Rift. Soon we will be able to shoot Ashe's Frozen Arrow or spin to win with Garen using our pocket devices. Wild Rift will be exactly what you were used to in League of Legends now revamped for mobile devices with a classic directional movement pad on the left and skills/aim buttons on the right. The game was built from scratch by the Riot team with unique graphics of the same old characters and a mobile friendly interface that optimises game play on smaller screens. Character mechanics have also been adjusted to the lower precision of touch screen controls to give players an easier time to execute higher level gameplay.

UPDATE: You can now play the Open Beta from anywhere, see this article on how.

When Will Wild Rift Be Available?

Wild Rift recently went into regional beta testing in Southeast Asia and other regions, so we should be hearing more on that soon. We have our fingers crossed for an end of 2020 or early 2021 global release. In the mean time you can pre-register for the game here or the Google Playstore if you're an Android user.

Will There Be Micro-Transactions or Pay to Win Elements?

Riot has made it clear that Wild Rift will be completely free to play for all users and every champion in the game can be unlocked through gameplay alone. There will be micro-transactions for skins/cosmetics to give variety to some of your favorite champions. (Very similar to the original League of Legends)

How Does Wild Rift Gameplay Work?

If you haven't had a chance to play MOBAs before, Wild Rift will be no different. 5 players on each team will spawn across the map from each other, looking to take down opponents, towers and ultimately the Nexus to win the game in a team based combat style filled with strategy, tactics and teamwork. In Wild Rift, each player can choose from many different champions each with their own unique skill sets, item builds and various paths that can lead to victory.

Which Characters Will Be Available in Wild Rift?

The game will launch with around 40 champions (just like League of Legends did), will eventually climb up to the 150 champions League of Legends currently has and more.

Here are the champions we know that will be coming with the game.

There will be a good mix of Attack Damage Carries (ADC), Assassins, supports, tanks, brawlers, and casters on launch. It will be all of your beloved champions from League of Legends with some of their skills reformed for mobile.

Will My Phone or Tablet Work with Wild Rift?

Riot is working hard to make Wild Rift accessible for everyone, so they are looking to optimise the game design to let older models including iPhone 6 and 32 bit Android devices run the game.

Bonus For Players with League of Legends Accounts on PC

Signing up to Wild Rift with your existing League of Legends Riot account will get you a bonus surprise when Wild Rift launches.


We believe Wild Rift will pave a new path for mobile gamers even though similar games are already available on mobile such as Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor, but the League of Legends name will bring in a new wave of fans. The game has the potential to set a new standard for mobile gaming and let the genre raise up in e-sports. We have our fingers crossed and can't wait for the global launch!

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