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L.O.S.T. Survive the Zombie Islands - First Impressions Gameplay on Android and iOS


In this article, I will talk about about the gameplay, story, pros and cons of L.O.S.T. to help you decide if this will be a game for you. L.O.S.T. is a top-down multiplayer zombie survival RPG published by Warmice and is currently in early access. You start the game deserted on an island after your plane has crashed and now you need to find your way around the zombie infested island while meeting other players along the way. Players can do everything from collecting resources, crafting items, creating buildings, co-op with other players, interact with the environment, PvP with other players and use different weapons to defeat enemies. Your ultimate goal is to find a way home, whether it's a raft or building a plane from scratch.


I actually haven't gotten too far into the game yet but I was pleasantly surprised by the story since I rarely encounter a survival mobile game with a half decent story. Expect a lot mystery behind the island, secret labs, shady characters, politics on the Island and the truth behind the zombie virus.


The game is really about gathering resources to build up your defences and weapons to take on the enemies, for example instead of using just a piece of wood to attack, you can find some stone and craft a stone club with the wood. I thought the game was actually quite impressive in the amount of things you could do, such as knock off coconuts from a tree then fill it up with water using a spring system and drink it to re hydrate yourself.

You can try to take everything on solo but there are a lot of scary creatures out there from the obvious zombies to the infected 2 head alligators, it's best to form a team with other players in the game and work together to gather and defeat enemies. L.O.S.T. does have open PvP which means you can back stab other players to steal their resources. (The game gives you a lot of flexibility which is great)

Now on to the bad. Although the mechanics, concept and story are great, the game's actual performance is quite wonky. The combat system feels a bit unnatural and not very fluid, there are waiting systems for building (the game really tries to combine all the popular genres together even the bad ones) and everything just feels very mediocre despite the game having a lot.

Character Progression

Beyond building better shelters, weapons and gear, characters can actually level up and skills can be acquired (as it is a RPG) and passive stats can be improved - I actually really liked this because the game mechanics are almost like a regular MMORPG but it is blended with a zombie survival environment. There is a health system for characters such as hunger, thirst, fatigue etc. (Which I am not a fan of because it is a bit too realistic and exhausting for me) and you will need to gather resources to feed yourself to keep yourself healthy.

Final Thoughts (4/5)

I thought the game had a lot of good and some bad that wasn't really a deal breaker and with some optimisation it could be fixed.

The good

  • Entertaining story and character development with a lot of mysteries.

  • Great game mechanics blending the survival genre with MMORPG with city builders.

  • A lot of customisation from creating buildings, crafting items, character skills, and many more.

  • Many ways to accomplish a goal.

  • A great multiplayer system with both open world co-op and PvP.

The bad

  • Combat feels a mediocre with lacklustre animations.

  • The game is trying to do too much, while not having anything perfected.

  • Potentially some pay to win or pay to progress elements.

  • The game has not been fully optimised for performance yet so expect some choppyness in big areas with lots of players.

  • Your character is always hungry and thirsty so you need to collect A LOT of resources and create/produce things with annoying waiting times (if you don't want to spend money on diamonds for speeding production up)

Overall, I recommend you checking this game out if you like top-down survival type games. it is quite unique to any other mobile games I've played in the genre. For more information on the latest mobile games and guides, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!

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