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Magatsu Wahrheit Global Release - Gameplay First Impressions on Android/iOS


Well this is an interesting one and it wasn't really a title on my radar but I ended up spending quite a few hours playing the game. So Magatsu Wahrheit is a MMORPG with turn-based combat by KLab Games, and just had its global release on iOS and Android this October 28, 2020 following an actual Magatsu Wahrheit Zuerst anime releasing earlier in the month. When I was playing through the game, I felt some PS1/PS2 Final Fantasy elements to it and then I discovered that Shoda Miwa who worked on FFXII was the lead in scripting the game. Anyways, after playing for a bit I decided to check out the anime which turned out really well too (will continue to wait for the next episodes). Keep in mind the story between the game and the anime are different.


The story revolves around the world of Wahrheit which has been brought to torn by the "ten pillars of light". A group of six "Awakeners" are forming a guerrilla group called the Mobile Corps to fight against this force that is threatening to destroy the human race. You as the protagonist will work with the Awakeners in accomplishing various quests, battle enemies, meet new friends/foes, and save the world.


After designing your character, you will choose one of the 6 classes which includes a warrior, knight, priest, wizard, hunter and gunner. Each class is represented by one of the six Awakeners which all have unique personalities and fully voiced. You can actually switch between the 6 classes anytime you want in the game once you have unlocked job certification.


At first, I thought oh this is another GACHA turn-based RPG, that's actually exactly what it is but for some reason it reminded me more of Final Fantasy than typical mobile gacha RPGs. First this is a MMORPG which means you are surrounded by other players everywhere you go (even in combat). You control one character but can enter combat with support characters which you do not control. Also something I've never seen before is that during combat, other players can join in while you are already fighting. It is a truly multiplayer turn-based MMORPG. Also, something that brought me back to Final Fantasy is in order to enter combat, you just walk up to them, and occasionally you will fight a monster that another player is already in the middle of killing. (Quite an interesting take on this genre)

The skills your character wields are completely based on the gear/weapons you equip which gives each player a lot of customisation potential to make unique builds. I do have to mention that this game has auto-play for those of you looking for/not for it.


The various Gacha banners are for equipment/gear and weapons only as they are the main drivers to make your character stronger. There are quite a few banners with UR being the highest grade and SSR being the second highest at a 2% rate. For ways to get stronger, please make sure to watch the video in this article.

Final Thoughts

If you're on the market for a new RPG with a good story then definitely check out Magatsu Wahrheit. Also, if you have been a fan of Final Fantasy since the Playstation 1 days, definitely give this one a go as well because they have so many similarities and having Shoda Miwa as the script lead, it has quite an engaging character development driven story as well. Hopefully you enjoyed the article and see you next time!

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