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  • Michael Wright

Marvel: Realm of Champions BETA First Impressions Gameplay on iOS and Android


Welcome to Marvel Realm of Champions by Kabam Games, a fast paced take on the MOBA genre where players in teams of 3's can battle each other in 2-5 minute matches. If competitive PvP isn't for you, there is also a Co-OP mode where players in teams of 3's can hold the point against enemies from the Battleworld, a world in an alternative future created by Maestro the evil Hulk.

Gameplay Review

Basically in PvP, you get into a match with 2 other people and you fight a team of 3 to capture the middle. Once the middle has been captured, you can then attack their base to win. As for PvE, the 3 player co-Op mode didn't have any story to it, it was just us standing in front of a tower and defending it until the time ran out. I would love to see more story and character development in the game as that's what makes superheroes interesting.

I had mixed feelings about the gameplay, where it was entertaining and addictive because the matches were short and fast paced. However, the combat and mechanics felt wonky and visuals were subpar. On top of that, communication tools didn't exist so you couldn't even strategize with your team. Although, the first few matches felt fun, I doubt there will be any high level game play to this since matches only lasts 2-5 minutes. If you are looking for something casual, then Marvel Realm of Champions is great for you but not if you're looking for something more competitive with higher level game play.


The current available heroes in Marvel Realm of Champions are:

  • Sorcerer Supreme (Dr. Strange Clone)

  • Hulk

  • Iron Legionnaire (Iron Man Clone)

  • Web Warrior (Spider Man Clone)

  • Black Panther Female Version

  • Super Soldier (Captain America Clone)

  • Storm

  • Thor

One thing I do like about the game is that you can customise your characters with different gear and they will actually appear differently on the battlefield.

Marvel Realm of Champions Customisation Heroes


The game will be free to download and as you progress through the game, you will be rewarded with different gear. However, after looking at the cash shop, there are indeed pay to win elements that could strengthen your hero.

Final Thoughts (3/5)

I believe Realm of Champions will be a great title for casual gamers and fans of the Marvel Universe Superheroes. However, if you are a hardcore gamer who enjoys more depth to a game and want to avoid any pay to win elements, then this title may not be for you.

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