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  • Michael Wright

Might and Magic: Dynasty Worth Playing? First Impression -Android and iOS Gameplay


Might and Magic: Dynasty is the new city builder, turn-based combat RPG and hero collector from Ubisoft on iOS and Android. The game is set in a medieval fantasy environment with various races, heroes, and lore. In the game, you can do everything from building your city to fighting massive wars between guilds and monsters. After trying the bit for a day or so, here are our first impressions.

Combat (4 / 5)

To our shock, this mobile turn-based combat game wasn't very easy! We lost many battles very early on to monsters. Positioning, what troops you choose to put on the field, what skills you use and strategic tactics on the battlefield will all play an important role to ensure your victory in Might and Magic: Dynasty. We were too used to the easy auto-play of other mobile turn-based games that when we died within our first 30 minutes of play gave us a pleasant surprise.

City Building (2 / 5)

We personally think that the city building aspect needed some refinement as it felt very linear and very much a waiting game (unless you want to be P2W and pay to upgrade your buildings instantly at higher levels). Resource planning didn't seem necessary at the beginning either since you got quite a bit of free items from the devs. Also, the other problem is that you don't get to choose the buildings you want to build, the game will select the next building in the series, and once you reach the requirements, you can click that build button. The game puts it in a predetermined area as well. Overall not the best experience here and hopefully there will be more customisation down the road.

Multiplayer (TBD)

Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to experience multiplayer. We do know there will be guild wars, PvP and other multiplayer events/modes so we will have to do an update once we get to that point. One thing we did notice is that the world chat was quite active and engaged, there are also guilds for more social interactions which is always good for city builder games as they do get a little quiet.

Monetisation (3.5 / 5)

From what we noticed, there is definitely a cash shop and a lot of things that could be bought with money (mostly boosters) However, the game actually doesn't feel pay to win as the developers even mentioned they want players to focus more on strategy and tactics during combat to get through the game more than anything else. Therefore, even if you chose to be completely free to play, you will be able to get through the game. (You will need some patience for the building upgrades and troop recruitment though)

Conclusion (3 .5/ 5)

Might and Magic: Dynasty has a turn based combat system which was quite interesting to play around with as enemies in PvE actually posed a challenge. However, the lacklustre city building was quite the turn off. This game will definitely appeal to certain gamers who enjoy a dark medieval fantasy world with unique heroes and army/city creation. If you haven't yet, take a look at the video of our first gameplay and see if it's something you will enjoy. Also please support our growing YouTube channel as we'll try to make more guides, video updates and the latest news on mobile gaming. Subscribe to our YouTube Here.

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