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MIR4 - Open Beta Gameplay First Impressions and How You Can Play It

MIR4 Newly Released MMORPG on iOS and Android Gameplay Review


The first time we heard about MIR4, it was supposed to be a PC MMORPG and that was over 4 years ago. Now we just got our hands on the newly released game on mobile as part of their Korean open beta launch. The game is a re-work of the PC version and an extension in the MIR series published by WeMade Entertainment. The game is currently only available in Korea with a strong potential to get a global release in 2021. In this article, let's talk about exactly what is MIR4, the gameplay, different game features, classes and how to play it if you don't live in Korea.

MIR4 Explained

Just Another Mobile RPG/MMORPG?

After getting a large blast of MMORPGs being released recently (a lot of them from Korea), I wasn't too sure what to expect from MIR4. After diving into the game, it did feel very similar to many other MMORPGs with auto-play and combat rating driven progression. However, I can say that MIR4 has an abundance of game features to keep it fairly exciting and incredible console like visuals. (You may want to have a good phone to run it on high settings) Other than that, it feels like an enhanced version of other mobile MMORPG games like Perfect World Mobile or Forsaken World Mobile with improved graphics. One thing I do want to point out is that the game progression is relatively slow compared to other games in the genre and the difficulty increases rather quickly. I think this is a good thing because players will have to work hard and grind to get stronger first before power rushing through the entire game. (This pairs well with the large number of side quests and daily quests players can do to grow stronger)

MIR4 Newly Released MMORPG on iOS and Android Gameplay Monsters

Game Features

MIR4 is set in an ancient eastern universe (potentially Korean inspired) and boasters top of the line graphics paired with a somewhat engaging story line filled by cut-scenes and NPC interactions. You will also find everything from 5 player co-op multiplayer, resource collecting, Guilds, pets, mounts, costumes, crafting, enhancing, talents, skill upgrades and much more. What I am trying to say is that the game has EVERYTHING you can think of that comes in a mobile MMORPG. I personally think MIR4 is one of the better mobile RPGs that came out in 2020 but definitely has some feature improvements and optimisation that could boost the value of this title. I also speculate that this game may be a bit more free to play friendly than a lot of other MMORPGs on iOS and Android as it has so many side quests for players to get free items and upgrades.

MIR4 Newly Released MMORPG Pets and Features

Characters and Classes

There are currently 4 gender locked playable classes in MIR4, including a Warrior who uses a spear, a Taoist who uses a short sword, another warrior who uses a blade, and a magic user who wields a dragon headed staff. Each player can equip up to 7 skill slots, one dodge skill slot, a flight and a normal attack. Customisation seems fairly open as you will get to choose between different costumes and even dye their color to give yourself unique visuals.

MIR4 Newly Released MMORPG on iOS and Android Character Selection

How to Play MIR4 open beta when you are not in Korea

Since the open beta is currently available in South Korea, only, you won't be able to get the game without being there. I will show you how to download the game on both iOS and Android. The good thing is, you won't need a VPN to actually play it.

How to play Mir4 open beta


  1. Open App Store.

  2. Log out of your current Apple ID (in the bottom).

  3. Now tap sign-in and choose create a new Apple ID.

  4. Use an email address that is not associated to your real Apple ID.

  5. When it prompts you, put your location to South Korea.

  6. Fill out the rest of the sign-up information fields (You can make everything up)

  7. When you get to payment method, choose "none".

  8. Once you are complete, you will get a verification email which you will need to click to verify the email address you've used.

  9. Now when you open the App Store, you will be directed to that region's App Store.

  10. Search for MIR4 or click here and install the game.

  11. Now you can play the game!


  1. Get the TapTap/ app on your phone here

  2. Download the MIR4 APK file from TapTap by clicking here

  3. Now you are set and can play!

Final Verdict

MIR4 New Release mobile MMORPG on iOS and Android Final Verdict

I had a pleasant experience playing MIR4 and thought it had a lot of potential to be one of the rising stars in the MMORPG genre. If you've played a lot of these type of games, you won't find MIR4 to be ground breaking, however, still very fun. If you haven't played many mobile MMORPGs, then definitely give this one a shot. (Follow my instructions above to play if you aren't in Korea) I definitely suggest playing with a higher end device on high graphic settings to enjoy the beautiful visuals. Have fun!

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