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Moonlight Blade New Release - HUGE Martial Arts MMORPG in Ancient China


Moonlight Blade is a massive Martial Arts inspired MMORPG based in ancient China by Tencent. This game has been in talks for over 8 years and it has been heavily sought after by many players. Now it has finally been released in China and with a potential global release some time in 2021.

Moonlight Blade features incredible graphics and an awesome combo based combat mechanic looped in with pretty much any feature you can think of that comes with the best MMORPGs on mobile. In this article, I will talk about the following subjects including my thoughts on the game and whether it is worth waiting for:

  • Gameplay and General Overview

  • Multiplayer Modes

  • Game Features

  • Classes

  • Character Progression

  • Micro-Transactions

  • My Final Thoughts on the Game

Gameplay and General Overview

Moonlight Blade is set in Ancient China where each player sets out on a journey to meet martial arts masters, explore ancient Chinese heritage, meet with historical figures and dive into a massive land of content covering over 18 times as large as the world in Skyrim for comparison. You will find everything from progressing through a main quest of encountering unique characters, discovering many elements of an ancient Chinese heritage and doing daily quests, boss raids, training, PvP, special events, fishing/gathering, cooking/crafting, guild events and A LOT of life skills/activities to explore.

Players will engage in a balanced mixture of online PvE and PvP by selecting one of the many unique classes offered by the game (See Classes section below for more details). The game has an incredible martial arts combat system with unique skills and combos for each class and offers customisation and further combo setters for each skill as you progress in the game. The game does have auto-combat for most of the PvE elements excluding certain dungeons and raids (all of the PvP modes cannot be autoed either). However, this is one of the few MMORPGs with auto-play that is actually much more fun by taking off the auto-combat and just fighting it out yourself as you get such a wide array of skills and combos to use.

Moonlight Blade Combat Review.jpg

Multiplayer Modes

In Moonlight Blade, the game really tries to encourage players to play together through various PvE and PvP events including:

  • 5 player co-op modes

  • 5 player dungeons and raids

  • Open world no player limit bosses and special events

  • Guild vs Guild

  • 1v1 PvP

  • 5v5 PvP

  • 40v40 PvP

  • Battle Royale - Players will enter a map with nothing but their fists and will need to gather and fight their way to be the last one standing.

Moonlight Blade PvP modes


Moonlight Blade has a very unique set of classes/weapons to choose from compared to most MMORPG's and they are all based on a specific style of martial arts. Most characters can be created as male, female or a small version of a female (not a loli). Here are 6 weapon classes each player can choose from:

  • Short Sword - Focused on quick attacks and agility with assassination moves

  • Umbrella - Magic user with special skills for mobility and defence

  • Bow and Spear - Hybrid class with a variety play allowing players to go both close and long range.

  • Fan / Puppeteer - Heavy crowd control class with ability to summon a puppet to fight.

  • Fist-Gourd/ Drunken Master - Melee class focused on chaining combos and crowd control.

  • Flute - Magic user with a lot of buffs and debuffs.

Every class is played in different ways especially around dodging and chaining combos. Also, as you progress, you will learn skill customisation options to choose the best skill setups for your liking.

Character Progression

Character Progression in Moonlight Blade

Moonlight Blade is filled with ways a player can get stronger, in this article I will talk about the features I've seen at level 40 which can enhance your power:

  • Levelling up skills

  • Enhancing each skill for new variations and stats

  • Talent Tree for Passives

  • Ascension skill upgrades for new passives and procs

  • Ally Card System to give you bonuses and procs

  • Crafting and looting better weapons and gear

  • Enhancing weapons and gear

  • Ascensions

  • Unlocking hidden talents

  • Many more to come

Moonlight Blade Ally System


Moonlight Blade will be free to download but comes with a cash shop and micro-transactions which can enhance the power of your character. (It is by Tencent Games afterall) So far I've been having a lot of fun in the game playing both PvE and PvP without spending a penny. We will see how long that lasts for though, I guess I will enjoy it while it lasts! Also if you want to read more about how to enjoy games with micro-transactions as a free to play player, read here. (I suspect the regular PvP will definitely have P2W elements while the Battle Royale will be fair and balanced.

Final Thoughts

Moonlight Blade is an immense game with a huge world and filled with content rich elements. The game may show a lot of close resemblance to games like Perfect World Mobile, Dragon Raja, Black Desert Mobile and many others. However, Moonlight Blade is unique in its martial arts inspired combat system and the ancient Chinese heritage setting making it a wonderful game to explore. However, I will warn you, if you hate games like the ones I've just listed, this one will not be for you either as it will have micro-transactions and auto-play.

For more information on the latest mobile games, guides and just thoughts around the topic, follow me on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!

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