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My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Gameplay Review on iOS/Android

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Gameplay Review


My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero by KOMOE Games has just released its Taiwan version this December 2, 2020 for iOS and Android, no global release announced as of yet. The game is based on the popular anime My Hero Academia and revolves the storyline around the first season of the show. In this article, let's take a look at the gameplay, some of the playable characters, features, storyline and see exactly what is My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. Also continue reading to learn how to play the game if you are not in the Taiwan area.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Explained

Another Honkai Impact 3rd?

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is an action RPG with MMORPG elements that tries to stick very closely to the anime. The game was truly everything I expected from a mobile action RPG. Not only did it capture the unique abilities (Quirks) from each Hero, their back stories fromt he anime, the incredible graphic visuals, the fast paced combat and the beautifully animated skills, the game just felt very fun to play. The game's progression is very similar to games like Honkai Impact 3rd or Punishing: Grey Raven - however with a MMORPG open world where you can see and interact with other players. You will spend the majority of your time playing solo - choosing a playable character in your party of 3 to tackle down different stages of missions and the main storyline. However, when you are not in a mission/quest, you are in an open world where you will see many other players which you can engage. Overall, as a fan of the My Hero Academia anime, I really enjoyed The Strongest Hero's gameplay, the different features and its fluid combat system.

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Gameplay MMORPG Action RPG

Combat System

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero has an incredible combat system where each Hero has a unique set of abilities true to the character from the anime. Every player will be able to choose 3 heroes they want in their party and can swap between them after clearing each stage in a mission. During each stage, one of your equipped heroes can randomly pop in to assist and perform combos which is a very cool bonus. All the characters in The Strongest Hero is linked to an attribute between Speed, Power, and Technique. Each stage will have a recommended attribute which will help you deal greater damage to enemies therefore pairing the right hero to the right stage makes a significant impact.

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Gameplay Combat Deku

Each hero will have a variety of skills and attacks that can be linked together to perform combos, charge up for special attacks and perform ultimate skills that deals massive blows to the enemy. Timing, aim, strategy and execution will all be very important in the game as there will be fairly long cooldowns on some of your more powerful skills. Also, your strategy will vary greatly depending on the hero you use as some heroes like Deku are focused on quick melee attacks, others like Red Riot are focused on defence and counters and some others like Todoroki focused on range attacks.

Playable Heroes

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Gameplay Dark Shadow Heroes

There are currently 10 playable heroes in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero with many more scheduled for a future release. The current characters are all from Class A from the anime including Midoriya Izuku, Kaminari Denki, Kirishima Eijiro, Todoroki Shoto, Bakugo Katsuki, Yaoyorozu Momo, Tokoyami Fumikage (Dark Shadow), Mineta Minoru, iida Tenya, and Uraraka Ochaco. Each character can be strengthened by enhancing their abilities, equipped items, training talents, eating/working out, and upgrading their tiers by combining more character pieces from the gacha system.

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Gameplay Playable Heroes

Other Game Modes

There are so many different game modes and elements in The Strongest Hero that I won't even cover them all, but I will talk about some of the key ones. These include various PvP modes including an active and passive one, an idle play game for afk progression, mini games, cooking, cards, side quests, working out, Co-Op mode, a dormitory builder and exploration in the open world. I really liked that they added so much depth to a story driven action RPG since it brings a lot of variety and opens the genre to a large group of audience.

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Mini Games and Training

How to Play My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero From Anywhere

Since the game is currently only available in Taiwan, you won't be able to get the game without being there. I will show you how to download the game on both iOS and Android. The good thing is, you won't need a VPN to actually play it.


  1. Open App Store.

  2. Log out of your current Apple ID (in the bottom).

  3. Now tap sign-in and choose create a new Apple ID.

  4. Use an email address that is not associated to your real Apple ID.

  5. When it prompts you, put your location to Taiwan.

  6. Fill out the rest of the sign-up information fields (You can make everything up)

  7. When you get to payment method, choose "none".

  8. Once you are complete, you will get a verification email which you will need to click to verify the email address you've used.

  9. Now when you open the App Store, you will be directed to that region's App Store.

  10. Search for My Hero Academia or click here and install the game.

  11. Now you can play the game!


  1. Get the TapTap/ app on your phone here

  2. Download the My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero APK file from TapTap by clicking here

  3. Now you are set and can play!

Final Verdict

I opened My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero this morning and haven't been able to stop playing since. As a fan of the anime and the action RPG genre, this has been more than a blast to play. Beyond its incredible game design, smooth combat system and large open world, the game offers so many little things that makes the game feel very whole. I also love the fact that they've made this an open world where you can see other players which makes the game feel engaging and populated. I can say with confidence that I believe this title will be one of the biggest hitters in 2021 and make sure to read the instructions above for you to give it a try!

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