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My Memory of Us: A WW II Story is now available on iOS

One of the most awaited game, My Memory of Us, is now available for iOS. Originally the game was made by Juggler Games. And the mobile version is made by Virtual Programming Ltd.

The game is basically a rework of the original title and optimised to fit in the mobile devices. My Memory of Us describes the story of a friendship between a girl and a boy. The story revolves around the actual events of World War II.

The game features mystery, puzzles, stealth, etc. It focusses on the interaction between two children who face World War II. The two characters, a boy and a girl have unique abilities. The primary objective is to stick together and face the war emerging in front of them.

Some key features are:

  • A side-scrolling adventure full of action, stealth and various logical puzzles

  • A moving story about friendship and love in dangerous times

  • Beautiful 2D graphics inspired by naïve art

  • Pair mechanics: control one of two characters with unique abilities, or control them as a pair

  • A grotesque tale mixed with bittersweet humour.

  • The events shown in the game are based on actual stories from World War II.

The game is now available for download on iOS App Store. It’s a premium game and costs $4.99. Here’s the trailer with a small glimpse of the gameplay.

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