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Pirossa: Flame Spear Leopard Build - The Nidalee of Raziel Dungeon Arena

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Welcome to the Pirossa Flame Spear Leopard build, if you've ever played League of Legends and remember Nidalee, this is pretty much her but way better. In this guide I will show you how to build Fire Elf Pirossa to have incredible mobility with a 1 second cooldown blink in both human and leopard form, huge DPS and fast clear speeds.

Pros of this Build:

  • One of the most fun builds in this entire game because you get to play 2 forms both with different and equally useful skills.

  • Huge AOE in leopard form and HUGE single target DPS in human form, has the best of both worlds.

  • Has naturally high crit rate, you get 7% crit rate naturally and 10% crit rate at lvl 2 soulstone. Also, you get an additional 6% Crit damage.

  • You have a natural boost of 15% speed boost and 5% dodge rate.

  • Your 1 second cooldown dash skill in Leopard form also has a natural 5% lifesteal.

  • A LOT of damage buffs.

Cons of this Build:

  • Isadora as your secondary is important for this build to get her lifesteal aura buff. (HOWEVER, you can still play this without her by switching the boots for the set boots and using the lifesteal legendary gloves)

  • You need to actually play the game for this build such as switching between the 2 forms and using their skills actively. (Not for lazy people)

  • There is a slight learning curve to this build compared to other build in Raziel, since you have 7 skills to work with instead of just 4.

Why Go With this Build?

If you want to have the most fun ever in Raziel and still be super strong for both AOE and single target DPS, then this build is for you. Also if you enjoy fast paced action with a lot of cool effects and get to play a human and a leopard then this is also for you. Lastly, if you ever played League of Legends and like Nidalee, then this is definitely for you! This build gives you a truly versatile character where you can be a human doing massive single target DPS or be in a leopard form jumping around and swiping away mobs.

Secondary/Support Hero

I strongly recommend Isadora. You will need her life steal team aura. Read more about secondary characters here. (IF YOU DON'T HAVE HER, YOU CAN REPLACE THE BOOTS IN THIS GUIDE WITH THE SET AND USE THE LEGENDARY LIFESTEAL GLOVES)

Her 3 talent teambuffs (See below for screenshot):

  • Elemental Aura: +5 Elemental Atk (very useful for Pirossa as she is all fire based)

  • Creepy Witchcraft: 5% lifesteal (a MUST have)

  • Soul Power: Instantly recovers 30% HP and energy when your health goes below 50%.

Talents at lvl 60 (The current cap)

Follow the Pirossa talent tree below as it will cover very important nodes for this build. Some of the key nodes are:

Bloodlust: This is the skill that turns your blink (human) and dash (leopard) into a 1 second cooldown skill, the leopard dash also gets a 5% lifesteal buffer on it.

Fiery Explosion: Every 1 second, deal a 7.4% damage explosion.

Burning Flame: Constantly deal 15% damage every 0.5 seconds around you.

Leopard Strike: Deals 1008% damage every 6 seconds.

Tearing Claw Strike: Deals 397% damage for 3 times every 4 seconds.

Precise Hunting: Gives you 2% additional crit rate and 6% additional crit damage. (Pirossa also gets crit rate buffs from her soulstones which combines very well)

Agile Stance: If you're HP is above 50%, you will get a 5% dodge rate and 15% movement speed.

Leopard Hunting: Deal 886% damage every 2 seconds.

Leopard Spirit: Using a normal attack will give you a 26% damage amplification buff for 15 seconds. (So use a normal attack every 15 seconds)

Pirossa Talent Tree

Issadora Talents

Take the 3 team buffs and as many HP nodes as possible if you want to use her summons too.

Skills (Once you have the gears in the guide)

Human Form

Skill 1: Flame Shadow - Shield: A 1 second blink that calls down 2 flame spears that attacks your enemy while giving yourself a permanent 21.3% damage buff for both forms.

Skill 2: Flame Spear: A 1 second cooldown skill that drops 4 flame spears on your enemy.

Skill 3: Flame Meteor: Drops 24 Flame Spears on your enemy (This is HUGE damage). It also gives you a permanent 21% damage increase buff for both forms.

Skill 4: Leopard Form: Transforms you to a leopard

Leopard Form

Skill 1: Flame Shadow - Dive: A 1 second cooldown dash that does AOE damage on new location and has a 5% lifesteal effect.

Skill 2: Claw: Does AOE damage in front of you 3 times. Claw gets refreshed everytime Swipe is used.

Skill 3: Swipe: Does huge AOE damage around you with a 2 second cooldown.

Skill 4: Human Form: Transforms you back to a human.

Skill Rotation for Clearing Mobs

  1. At the beginning of each dungeon, in human for, use Flame Shadow - Shield and Meteor to apply their permanent damage buffs.

  2. Transform to Leopard form and start jumping around using Flame Shadow - Dive.

  3. Always use Claw first, then use swipe to refresh claw cooldown, and claw again.

  4. Use a normal attack every 15 seconds to apply damage amplification talent.

  5. If you're facing a tough mob, switch to human form and drop flame meteor on them.

Skill Rotation for Bosses

  1. Engage in Leopard form and drop the claw, swipe, claw combo.

  2. Transform to human form and drop Flame Meteor right away.

  3. Spam Flame Spear until Leopard form is back up.

  4. Use a normal attack every 15 seconds for damage amplification from talent.

  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4.


This is the most important part of the build, don't worry in Raziel, gear is one of the easiest things to come by and all free to play players can easily get the same gears as pay to win. It's all about grinding Demonland floors, Tavern, World Boss and spending your gold with Hayden the Jester to gamble for the pieces you need. Don't forget you can also furnace parts you don't need to get the materials needed to forge.

This build require 3 components: 4 Spiritual Demon Set, Bloodcast Shawl and Farstrider Shoes.

  • Trinket - Spiritual Demon Set

  • Armor - Bloodcast Shawl (Legendary armor for Pirossa)

  • Hands/Gloves - Spiritual Demon Set

  • Weapon - Spiritual Demon Set

  • Legs - Farstrider Shoes (Legendary shoes for Pirossa)

  • Helmet - Spiritual Demon Set


These are the effects each component gives you:


The main areas of stats you can actually get variation from are the actual stats of each gear, enhancement levels, gems, runes, fillers in M/H Stones and a few other things like costumes. Also, you must go for both offensive and defensive, otherwise you'll get 1 shotted by end game bosses.

Offensive Stats Prioritise:

  1. Skill Atk

  2. Magic Piercing

  3. Crit (Because Pirossa has a lot of natural crit % boosters, so more crit the better)

Defensive Stats: Try to get over 2,000 defence and magic defence for end game. Once you've reached these numbers, stack HP and extra damage reduction.

G.Stones / H.Stones

  • Use the H.Stone that gives you crit damage stack that can stack up to 5 times.

  • Use the G.Stone that gives you a fire shield based on your hp.

Pet and Mercenary

It doesn't matter. Use whoever you want or whoever you have. If they can boost your damage then use that, but it doesn't make much of a difference.


Hope you all enjoyed this guide and thank you for reading! Make sure to watch the YouTube video in this guide to see some gameplay of this build. Also please support our growing YouTube channel and the website for me to make more guides and provide the latest gameplay news on mobile gaming.

For more information on the latest mobile games and guides, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!

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