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  • Michael Wright

Honkai Impact Killer? Punishing Gray Raven Upcoming Anime Action RPG Gameplay


In this article, we will talk about the gameplay and expectations of Punishing Gray Raven and how it compares to Honkai Impact 3rd. The game is built on the Unity3D engine for both iOS and Android. Punishing Gray Raven published by KuroGames is a fast paced 3D action anime RPG that is currently in beta with a potential global release date some time in 2021.


Punishing Gray Raven Beta Gameplay

Punishing Gray Raven is set in a post apocalyptic future where humans were infected by the 'Punishing' virus turning them into cybernetic creatures. The Gray Raven team must challenge the infected and retake planet Earth. You are the captain of the team and you must recruit more Ravens while working together to not only defeat the infected but opposing factions of cyber humans as well.

I personally enjoy the dark scenery of Punishing Gray Raven with its modern take on an anime action RPG. The character personalities are subtle and more realistic with a sense of sadness and anger behind their eyes.


Punishing Gray Raven Fights

Punishing Gray Raven features a very fast paced and epic combat system where players can perform dashes, skill combos, team combos and ultimate abilities. You have the ability to switch between 3 characters you've equipped during combat to perform chain combos or leverage their abilities as support jump ins for an advantage on the battlefield. I loved the fights, the attacks felt heavy with the screen shake and blurred camera cuts, the fast dashes made me feel like I was watching an anime and the character skill animations were very epic in general.

Furthermore, each player have certain skills with elemental properties such as fire, ice, lightning and even dark attacks to take down enemies. There is also a bullet time system in the game which I really love where dodging certain attacks will turn on this matrix mode allowing you to attack your enemies while they're stuck in time. Of course, every character also has an ultimate skill bar, once fully charged, a player can unleash a massive attack on their enemies.

Characters and Gacha

Punishing Gray Raven Characters

There are currently 12 playable characters in the game which many of the top tier ones require the Gacha system. Within Gacha, you pull everything from characters to weapons to support units and enhancements. While there isn't too much information on the percentage, I would imagine this may give a big advantage to higher spending players but who knows. I personally thought all the characters were quite balanced, their strength came from upgrades.

Honkai Impact 3rd vs Punishing Gray Raven

Honkai would be the top competitor of Punishing Gray Raven, however it may be a bit unfair to compare the 2 games since one has been out for awhile and had time to refine itself and the other is still in beta. Both games have their strengths and weaknesses and the below is what I personally think are the better of each:

  • HI3 has a much more indepth story with greater character development.

  • HI3 has more content in general (this could be due to the fact the game has been out for awhile).

  • PGR has a darker and more realistic environment which I personally enjoy more while HI3 has a brighter anime feel - so this will depend on personal preference.

  • PGR has what seems like a faster combat system with more epic fighting mechanics.

  • PGR has slightly higher difficulty than HI3.

Either way, both games are great. Of course if you're looking for something new then PGR will be your go to as it launches in 2021.

Final Thoughts (4/5)

I personally really enjoyed the game even though this genre is not my go to. The fast paced action with speedy dodges and stylish attacks created a high entertainment factor while the short rounds kept me going without feeling too overwhelmed. Unfortunately the game is still all in Japanese and Chinese so I couldn't get too much information on the story and some of the non-combat mechanics such as character skills and progression tables. Keep your eyes peeled for more content around PGR soon!

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