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Raziel: 15% Crit Guardian Bison Build - Biggest DPS in Current Meta

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By popular demand, here is the Bison Guardian build for dishing out the highest damage in the current meta game while gaining access to 3 blink skills, insane defence, natural lifesteal and more. In this Guardian Bison guide, I will show you everything you need to know from skills, talents, items, how to get 15% crit rate and exactly how the build works. For those of you who want to be the strongest in the current meta, this is definitely the build to go.

Pros of this Build:

  • You can blink around the map since you have 3 low cooldown mobility skills.

  • One of your skills gives you huge lifesteal which means you don't need to worry about having Isadora as a secondary or using lifesteal items.

  • You have one very broken skill that can melt the HP of end game bosses. Normal attacks which is your sustainable source of damage reduces the cooldown of this skill (can cast every 7 seconds while normal attacking)

  • Can stack up very high damage since you are Normal Attack based.

  • With Pirossa as secondary, you can get 12%-15% crit depending on her soulstone level.

Cons of this Build:

  • Lacks AOE compared to some other builds so the mob clearing speeds won't be as quick.

  • Way too many people play this build - but who can blame them, this is truly OP.

Why Go With this Build?

If you want to be the top scorer in world bosses or Tavern and want to beat demon floors way above your combat power/gear then this build is for you. What makes this build very insane is all the normal attack buffs this build receives for some hard hitting manual/auto attacks while the 4 piece Guardian bonus gives Divine Grace an insane amount of damage which obliterates mobs/bosses.

Secondary/Support Hero

If you have Pirossa, I strongly recommend using her as she will allow you to hit the 15% crit rate and also give you the 15% damage amplification. On top of that, she has an incredible Flame Tornado build with huge AOE to clear mobs which Guardian Bison lacks.

See Flame Tornado Priossa Build

Read more about secondary characters here. (IF YOU DON'T HAVE Pirossa, you can use Rock for his normal attack buff and defence team auras.

Pirossa Team Talents (See below for talent path screenshot):

  • Pirossa Team Passive Blazing Elf: +5% Crit rate at lvl 0 soulstone and +8% at lvl 2 soulstone.

  • Flame Core: +20% Max HP

  • Blaze Aura: +15% damage amplification

  • Precise Hunting: +2% crit rate and 6% crit damage

Rock Team Talents (See below for talent path screenshot):

  • Rock Team Passive Barbaric Bloodline: Gets 8% armor up when hit with a physical attack. You are also immune to physical attacks for 2 seconds every 30 seconds.

  • Barbaric Aura: +5% to Normal Attack

  • Shield Master: Get 10% armor after being attacked and become immune to physical attacks when you are below 50% hp for 2 seconds with a 15 second cooldown.

  • Berserker Blood: When your HP is below 50%, receive a final damage reduction of Lost Hp * 4%. Lasts for 5 seconds with a 10 second cooldown.

Talents at lvl 60 (The current cap)

Follow the Bison talent tree below as it will cover very important nodes for this build. Some of the key nodes are:

Fatal Aura: A team aura that gives +5% crit rate.

Knight's Blood: A team aura that gives everyone a 15% movement speed and 2% HP recovery per second buff whenever the skill in the 4th slot is used.

Assault Thunder: Deals Assault Thunder on an enemy every 3 seconds dealing 261% damage.

Lightning Link: 20% chance to deal Lightning Link from normal attacks. (491.4% damage) You also obtain Lightning Aura which allows your allies to cast a Lightning Link every 5 seconds.

Battle Will: Hitting an enemy grants you Ice, Fire, Thunder, Poison and Neutral resistance of +8 to all.

Aura Knight: Normal attacks grants you a 26% damage amplification buff.

Guardian Thunder: 20% chance to trigger Guardian Thunder during normal attacks which deals 731% damage. This talent also gives you the Guardian Aura which allows your allies to trigger Guardian Thunder at a 20% rate.

Bison Talent Tree

Support Pirossa Talents

The only thing you need to do here is get the 3 team talent nodes.

Support Rock Talents (If you don't own Pirossa)

The only thing you need to do here is get the 3 team talent nodes.

Skills (Once you have the gears in the guide)

These skills descriptions are based on the effects of your gear.

Skill 1: Holy: Performs a flash/blink that deals AOE damage when used and also gives you a 156% normal attack damage buff. Holy also gives you an aura that gives you a 30% armor bonus, 30% Magic resist bonus, and damage reflection of 85%. Using normal attacks refreshes Holy's cooldown, and this aura can be stacked with other auras.

Skill 2: Penalty: Performs a flash/blink when used and also gives you a 156% normal attack damage and 6300 normal attack aura. Penalty also allows your normal attacks to unleash Lightning Chain up to 3 enemies dealing 332% lightning damage. Using normal attacks refreshes Penalty's cooldown, and this aura can be stacked with other auras.

Skill 3: Discipline: Performs a flash/blink when used and also gives you a 156% normal attack damage buff. Discipline grants you an aura that gives you 14% lifesteal and an one second HP recovery buff that is based on 34% of your ATK.

Skill 4: Divine Grace: The most insane skill in the game right now. It deals INSANE damage when used (currently on a 12 second cooldown, but you can cast it every 7 seconds by using normal attacks to reduce the cooldown) This skill also gives you a shield that is 91% of your Max HP and boosts the armor/magic res on Holy, Normal Attack buff of Penalty and grants cure to Discipline. Using this skill also boosts your normal attack damage by 146%.

Skill Rotation for Clearing Mobs

  1. Cast Holy, Discipline and Penalty to get the auras up and the normal attack damage buffs.

  2. Use Holy, Discipline and Penalty to blink around the map.

  3. Drop Diving Grace when there are a lot of mobs or elite mobs around.

  4. Otherwise, use normal attacks as much as possible to keep auras up and reduce Divine Grace cooldown.

Skill Rotation for Bosses

  1. Make sure all 3 auras are up.

  2. Use Divine Grace.

  3. Spam normal/auto attacks.

  4. Repeat.


This is the most important part of the build, don't worry in Raziel, gear is one of the easiest things to come by and all free to play players can easily get the same gears as pay to win. It's all about grinding Demonland floors, Tavern, World Boss and spending your gold with Hayden the Jester to gamble for the pieces you need. Don't forget you can also furnace parts you don't need to get the materials needed to forge.

This build require 3 components: 4 Guardian Set Pieces, Divine Shield and Divine Kneepads.

  • Trinket - Divine Shield - Bison Legendary (Go for 2x Normal Attack as stats)

  • Armor - Guardian Set

  • Hands/Gloves - Guardian Set (Go for 2x Normal Attack as stats)

  • Weapon - Guardian Set (Go for 2x Normal Attack as stats)

  • Legs - Divine Kneepaids - Bison Legendary

  • Helmet - Guardian Set

These are the effects each component gives you:

Two very important things to note here:

  1. There are countless damage buffs you get to your normal attacks from the items.

  2. The 3 piece Guardian Set bonus gives you an insane amount of damage to Divine Grace which is what makes this build so broken.


The main areas of stats you can actually get variation from are the actual stats of each gear, enhancement levels, gems, runes, fillers in M/H Stones and a few other things like costumes. Also, you must go for both offensive and defensive, otherwise you'll get 1 shotted by end game bosses.

Offensive Stats Prioritise:

  1. Normal Attack

  2. Magic Penetration

  3. Armor Penetration

  4. Attack

Defensive Stats: Try to get over 2,000 defence and magic defence for end game. Once you've reached these numbers, stack HP and extra damage reduction.

G.Stones / H.Stones

  • Use the H.Stone that gives you crit damage stack that can stack up to 5 times. Since your crit will be so high with this build, crit damage is very crucial.

  • Use the G.Stone that gives you a fire shield based on your hp.

Pet and Mercenary

It doesn't matter. Use whoever you want or whoever you have. If they can boost your damage then use that, but it doesn't make much of a difference. However, keep in mind SSS pets has the highest stat scaling for your character so if you do have one of those, level it up. To be honest though, it barely makes a difference.


Hope you all enjoyed this guide and thank you for reading! Make sure to watch the YouTube video in this guide to see some gameplay of this build. Also please support our growing YouTube channel and the website for me to make more guides and provide the latest gameplay news on mobile gaming.

For more information on the latest mobile games and guides, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!

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