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Raziel: Dungeon Arena Best Class and Builds - Global Release September 22, 2020

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Tonight will be the official global release for Raziel: Dungeon Arena, the long awaited ARPG that mobile gamers have been craving. Many compare it to the Diablo series or Path of Exile, although it has its similarities, Raziel features some very unique aspects.

After we played the beta, we want to help those of you starting on Raziel pick the right class and understand how to build your characters. This guide will list all the available classes on the global release, different aspects to character building and how to make sure you are going in the right direction to have a strong character.

Things That Will Impact Your Progression in Raziel

1. Main Class

Raziel lets you unlock all classes under the same account so you can play any class any time. However, progression and enhancements are character specific so if you enhance the gears on your mage, your paladin won't receive the same stats. This is why it's important to pick the class you really want to play and stick with it. The classes available on launch are:

Beast Master (Barbarian style tank class)

Ice Mage (Standard mage class primarily using ice magic)

Death Ranger (Pretty standard archer class)

Puppeteer (Summoner class but can also be played as a burst mage class)

Paladin (Hybrid class with auras for buffs and debuffs, fairly tanky and good dps)

We Recommend: Based on the beta, Beast Master is by far the most overpowered for PvP while all classes work quite well for PvE. If you do want to solo the game and have very high DPS, we suggest Death Ranger, Paladin or Beast Master as they all have very good sustainability.

2. Supporting Class

In Raziel, you will be able to have 2 characters on the rotation during combat meaning you are able to switch between the 2 characters on the battlefield. Although unnecessary to boost your supporting class, they do offer different passive stat bonuses (based on who you choose) and some character skills are always active which means you can cast them on your supporting class and once you switch to your main class, you will still get the active skills from your support.

We Recommend: We tested the Paladin and Puppeteer class as support in the beta and they worked really well. With Puppeteer as a secondary, we were able to summon minions to fight for us while using our main class in combat.

3. Skill Customisation

Each class in Raziel will have 4 active skills, 1 auto attack and a special item skill (based on the weapon you equip) As you can see on the screenshot, each skill slot has 4 alternatives. Each alternative is drastically different from each other and completely changes what the skill does. Each alternative is colored red, green, orange or black but it does not necessarily mean you have to match them for all 4 character slots to get the most optimal build. You will have to choose the skills you want based on the items (primarily sets) you end up finding and the talent paths you go down.

We Recommend: Don't spend your gold levelling up any skills until you have a good sense of which character you want to main, what build path you want to pursue because it gets very expensive upgrading each skill slot. (There also doesn't seem to be any refund or rewind for skill levels) You can wait til around level 45 before spending any gold upgrading skills and it shouldn't have any significant impact on your gameplay.

4. Talent Tree

In Raziel: Dungeon Arena, each class has a talent tree very similar to the style of Path of Exile giving you nodes that enhances passive stats, boosts skills and customises your build in general. The talent tree for each class is broken down to 3 main branches where the player can choose completely customise their own path or use system recommended settings to go down a specific branch. The good thing here is you can reset your talent page in case you want to switch up your build or have made a mistake.

We Recommend: Early game, make sure you align your talent tree with the skill customisation you've chosen in section 3, otherwise you will be wasting talent points. For end game, we suggest match your set items (section 5) with your skill selection and finally your talent tree. Due to the talent reset feature (may cost resources), you can progress using one path and switch the path for end game.

5. Item Selection and Builds

Like most RPGs, Raziel will be very item dependent and most of the game will be played to progress by finding and enhancing gear. As of right now, there are 5 grades of gear, normal, magic, rare, unique and sets. Unique and set items can also be legendary as well as superior grade (even more powerful with better stats). Each unique and set item can have different prefixes and suffixes which means you want to make sure the stats will match with your build to get the most out of the item.

We Recommend: Don't bother farming gear early on since you will progress fairly quick. Around level 60, you will want to find yourself one of the class sets because it will give you a significant power boost. Orange items are good too until you can find the set you need.

6. Enhancement and Gems

This is the part where the game will separate people who spend money with hardcore grinders and free to play players. Enhancements are slot specific which means even if you replace the item, the enhancement level will transfer. Players can receive enhancement stones from completing quests, dailies and the cash shop. Enhancement levels are capped by the item level so you will need to replacing your item with higher level and item grade gear.

The other part to this gear enhancement section is gem sockets in each gear. As you can see in the picture, gems can add huge passive stat boosts and increasing damage/skill damage multipliers. Each item after certain rarities can have item sockets for you to place gems in. Like enhancement, gems aren't locked to an item which means you can transfer gems/remove gems from items and place into other items. Players can farm gems in quests, dailies or purchase in cash shop.

We Recommend: Enhance all pieces equally to get the bonus stats. (Get all pieces to 10, then 20, 30 etc instead of getting just your weapon to 30 while everything else is +5) As for gems, we recommend going pure offense gems for most of the game. As you approach end game, we suggest getting some armor and magic defence gems in your gear for survivability.

7. Pets

Pets are by grades: SSS, SS, S, A, B and C. As far as we know, the higher the grade the more their skill damage so just go for that. The other great use of pets is their ability to pick up items on the ground for you so you don't need to worry about missing items or wasting time.

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ALSO: See our Guide for END GAME play for more intermediate/advanced players

ALSO: See Best Free to play Bison Build For End Game

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