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Raziel Dungeon Arena: Secondary Heroes HIDDEN TALENTS MUST READ

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For those of you who wants to min max Raziel: Dungeon Arena and make your character the strongest, this guide is for you. We are going to talk about the hidden team talents for each hero and who is the best pick. Keep reading to the end to see our recommended secondary hero team talents.

Team Talents

Team talents (unknown to many) are nodes on the talent tree that applies to your entire party (both heroes - yes your main one too) even when the talent is on your secondary hero - as long as the node has been selected and is active. Each hero has 3 team talents which you can choose from, I recommend you customise your talent path on your secondary hero to get all 3 team talents.

Vilshack Team Talents

Undead Shooter: Dodge rate +5% for 5 seconds, 10 second cooldown

Tenacity Breaking: Reduces enemy tenacity by 5% every 2 seconds.

Phantom Aura: 5% buff to your extra damage.

Vilshack is not bad as a secondary in PvP for the dodge and tenacity breaking, otherwise he's quite mediocre as a secondary hero. If you want to squeeze the last bit of extra dmg, phantom aura might be a decent pick.

Rock Team Talents

Berserker Blood: Final damage reduction by (missing hp * 4%)

Shield Master: Increase physical armor by 10% when attacked. Also get physical immunity for 2 seconds when hit below 50% hp, cooldown is 15 seconds.

Barbaric Aura: Normal attack buffed by 5%

Rock as a secondary is quite good if you are looking to be tankier by combining the berserker blood and shield master team talents.

Alina Team Talents

Shield Enchantment: Receive a shield when attacked that is 10% of your max hp. Lasts for 5 seconds with a 10 second cooldown.

Arcane Shield: When a shield is active and your energy falls below 10% your attacks will recover 10% energy.

Colossus Aura: Skill attack buffed by 5%

To be honest, Alina as a secondary is pretty useless unless your main character is a skill attack build and you want to squeeze out every last bit of extra damage.

Bison Team Talents

Knight's Blood: Use skill slot number 4 to get a 10 second buff with 2% hp recovery and 15% move speed.

M.Res Enchantment: Magic res + 10% after being attacked. Also get magic immunity for 2 seconds when hit below 50% hp, cooldown is 15 seconds.

Fatal Aura: Crit +5%

Bison is pretty decent as a secondary character as all 3 buffs are very useful.

Isadora Team Talents

Soul Power: When you hit below 50% hp, you will get an instant 30% hp recovery and 30% energy recovery. 10 second cooldown.

Elemental Aura: Get 5 elemental attack stat of the last elemental skill used.

Creepy Witchcraft: 5% life steal.

The life steal buff with the 30% hp recovery is quite game changing especially for builds without much sustainability. Also the elemental attack bonus becomes quite useful late game to penetrate elemental resistance.

Pirossa Team Talents

Precise Hunting: Gives a +2% crit and +6% crit damage buff everytime you crit on an enemy. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Blaze Aura: Gives a 15% damage amplification period. (This is the best Team Aura in the game)

Flame Core: Your max HP is boosted by 20%.

Pirossa is an incredible secondary hero for her 3 team talents, I highly recommend using her for PvE if you don't need Isadora for her lifesteal buff.


You can use whoever you want that best suits your build (make sure to grab all 3 team talents). I PERSONALLY use Isadora because of the 5% life steal which makes a huge difference. On top of that, Isadora can cast summons as a secondary hero and they will continue to live even once switched. IF you already have lifesteal on your main character's build without Isadora, then I would recommend Pirossa for the crit and damage boost.

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