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Raziel: F2P End Game Farming Guide - Gems, Enhance Stones, Diamonds and Fillers

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This guide is for those of you (both free to play and pay to win) players who are in end game, have your set gears but want to still get stronger without spending any money. (If this isn't you, check out our Raziel Progression Guide) Now the only thing you can do is focus on getting your stats higher through whatever means you can. I will show you how, prepare to do some grinding though! In this guide we will go over:

  1. Farming for bound (Pink) diamonds and what to spend it on

  2. Farming for regular and legendary gems

  3. Farming for Legendary G.Stones and H.Stones

  4. Farming for fillers for your G.Stones and H.Stones

  5. Farming for enhancement stones

  6. Farming for Hero Soulstones

1. Pink Diamonds (Bound)

Here are the best things to spend pink diamonds on to make yourself stronger:

  • Getting gems and pets by rolling caskets

  • Purchasing enhancement stones in mall (MUST DO)

  • Purchasing Demon Land Crystal Balls in mall (MUST DO)

  • Purchasing daily level 3 gem pack in mall (MUST DO)

  • Purchasing Gem Cast Vouchers in mall (You will need these to forge gems)

  • Limited Purchases in mall such as enhance stones, soul stones and gems (MUST DO)

  • Rolling the Red Draw wheel for goodies

  • Go to Event>Investment>Discount Pack. One time purchases (400 pink diamonds for 100 enhance stones and 600 pink diamonds for 3x level 4 gems)

  • Go to Event>Investment>Misty's Pack, you can buy G.Cores, H.Cores and Yellow fillers for pink diamonds.

Raziel: Pink Diamond Farming

How to farm Pink Diamonds

  1. Do world bosses, Tavern challenges, Demon Land and Land of Hell to get Ancient Legendary items (Orange) and Ancient Sets (Green).

  2. Every time you clear a new demonland floor, you will get pink diamonds in the mail.

  3. SELL EVERYTHING AT THE TRADE STATION!!! Look in the trade station for the same item and what they are selling it for, put your item up on the market for 100 diamonds less than the lowest. Even if you just make 100 pink diamonds, it's better than nothing. (I make about 700-3000 pink diamonds a day just from selling things I find)

  4. Click your daily task bar and complete each daily task to get some pink diamonds.

2. Farming for Regular and Legendary Gems

In Raziel, gems are key to growing your power in late game as enhancements become more difficult and expensive. Also many level 5 gems also adds % bonuses which will give you a huge boost.

Where to Farm Regular Gems

  • Trials on certain days of the week (Guild Contribution Quest)

  • World Map Chain Quests - Enter the portal in town, do every single chain quest from Normal and Hell every single day as they will drop level 1 gems.

  • Refer to section 1, using pink gems to buy daily gems in mall and rolling gem casket.

  • Dismantling level 3+ gems that you don't need in the furnace to get Gem Shards. Then buy Gem Cast Vouchers from the mall for 50 pink diamonds. Finally, use the cast function to roll for gems (can also possibly get a legendary gem if you're super lucky or reach the 150 pity mark)

  • Under Events>Limited>Quest Chain, you will get daily quests to do that can give you gems.

Where to Farm Legendary Gems (Orange gems)

  • (First you will need to farm regular gems and combine them to get level 3+ gems.) Dismantle level 3+ gems that you don't need in the furnace to get Gem Shards. Then buy Gem Cast Vouchers from the mall for 50 pink diamonds. Finally, use the cast function to roll for gems.

  • Like regular gems and referring to section 1, you can farm pink diamonds and rolling gem casket to get a chance at getting legendary gems.

  • In world map, look for Legendary chain quests (Orange) to get Legendary Gem Rawstones. Once you have 300 of them, you can craft it with blessing powders to get a guaranteed legendary gem.

Raziel End Game Gem Farming

3. Farming for Legendary G.Stones and H.Stones

G.Stones and H.Stones are the 2 most bottom item slots on your character. H.Stones give ATK and G.Stones give HP. However, once you use the right fillers on your stones, they will give you a legendary stat that can make a huge impact. I am sure you have gotten a few rares (yellows) or maybe if you're lucky, you even have a legendary (orange). Here is a step by step on how to farm G.Stones and H.stones in Raziel:

  1. Go to the Gate of Shuttle (Main Story Quest Area) everyday.

  2. In Hard and Hell Mode ONLY - Enter the last stage of each chapter (You can only enter these 5 times a day - Use Angel's Blessing if you have it to save time).

  3. Open your map and run straight to the boss to kill it (I suggest memorising the map since it's always the same). *UPDATE - in Hell Mode, some of the yellow monsters can drop stone materials.

  4. If you're super lucky, you might just get the Legendary stone directly. However, like most of us, you will get Magic Hunting Core/Magic Guardian Core from Hard mode and Magic Hunting Crystals/Magic Guardian Crystals from Hell Mode.

  5. Once you get 300 hunting/guardian cores, you can craft a level 58 G.Stone or H.Stone. Or craft a level 59 G.Stone or H.Stone with 500 hunting/guardian crystals.

  6. You can also go under Events>Limited> Misty's Pack, you can G.Cores and H.Cores for Pink diamonds.

Raziel Stat Filler Farming Guide

4. Farming fillers for your G.Stones and H.Stones

Fillers are very useful to adding massive stats and activating the legendary stat of your G.stones and H.stones. To farm for fillers in Raziel, it is very similar to farming G.Stones and H.Stones:

  1. Go to the Gate of Shuttle and select Hard (blue fillers) or Hell Mode (yellow and blue fillers).

  2. Select and enter the last stage of each chapter.

  3. Kill monsters and boss because fillers can also drop from regular mobs in the last stage.

  4. You can do this 5 times a day for each stage or to speed it up, use Angel's Blessings so you can get 5X drops per run.

  5. You can also go under Events>Limited> Misty's Pack, you can buy yellow fillers with pink diamonds too.

You can also compose fillers in your items>materials tab to get a higher level grade of the same stat filler.

5. Farming for Enhancement Stones

Enhancement stones are very important in Raziel if you want to get stronger and boost your stats. They are very difficult to come by especially if you're a free to play player. Here are a few ways to farm them:

  • See Section 1 on how to get more Pink Diamonds, then buy the 2x daily enhancement packs in the mall for 150 pink diamonds each.

  • Use Pink diamonds on the red wheel to potentially get some enhancement stones, each time you roll, you will get lucky tickets. Use the lucky tickets you've accumulated in the Lucky Shop to buy enhancement stones for 40 lucky tickets each.

  • Use Pink diamonds in the mall under the Purchase Limit tab to buy the 10 enhancement stones for 85 pink diamonds. (Do not refresh)

  • Farm Demonland and you will get some enhancement stones after beating the boss on each floor.

  • Do your daily dungeons (Guide for daily dungeons). You will get legendary items and set items, if you can't sell these for diamonds, then use the furnace on them because there is a chance to get enhancement stones.

  • Sell all blue and white items for gold, then use all of your gold on Hayden the Jester to buy Head/Hands/Trinkets which are 9700 gold each. Just like the point above, furnace legendary items and set items you can't use to get enhancement stones.

Raziel Decompose for Enhancement Stones

6. Farming for Hero Soulstones

Soulstones are very hard to come by in Raziel, and it is the material you need for hero breakthrough. The number of soulstones also increases with each level so it's very important you get the most soulstones as possible each day. Here is how:

  1. Everyday under the Grocery Store in town, you can buy 1 soulstone for each hero for 5000 guild contribution points. Just do your guild contribution trial everyday and you should be able to get 1 soulstone a day for your main character.

  2. Click on Task>Challenge, everyday you will get a legendary quest that you can complete for soulstones.

Raziel how to obtain more soulstones


Thank you all for reading and I hope this guide has helped! If you did enjoy this, please support our growing blog by sharing this guide with your fellow Raziel players and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our YouTube Here.

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ALSO SEE: Ultimate F2P Auradin Bison Build ALSO SEE: Raziel Hidden Team Talents For Secondary Characters

ALSO SEE: End Game Progression Guide After Lvl 60

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