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Raziel Dungeon Arena: October 27, 2020 Update - NEW Character and More Game Content!

For builds on other characters and Raziel tips:

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Hello Raziel Fans, I know some of you have been waiting for new content and it is finally here! See below for a sneak peak of the new content coming out this Thursday October 27, 2020:

1. New hero: Pirrosa Mander, Fire Elf

2. New system: Mercenary.

They are like pets except they are essentially another character that follows you around and fights for you. They have their own skills, items, soulstones and more which can all be upgraded and enhanced. Unlike pets, mercenaries can die in combat. You can obtain them through caskets or events.

3. Unlock Land of Hell Floor 6. Main loot: Demond Land Crystal Ball II

4. Unlock Abis Demon Land Stage 6. Ticket: Demond Land Crystal Ball II. Main Loot: Aeon Gear Set (This means the CAP on T5 F47 will be lifted and everyone will be able to advance again!!)

5. New gear: Aeon Set & Aeon Dark Gold Gear

6. Cast System: Unlock Aeon gear

7. Unlock Gate of Shuttle (Hell) Chapters 5-10. Main Loot: Ancient Magic Stone

8. Refine ancient filler material

9. Cast System: Unlock Ancient Magic Stone

10. New gameplay: Guild Resource War

11. Unlock Tavern (Hard) Chapter 2

12. Unlock World Map (Hell) Region 5

October 27th Event Updates

1. Pirrosa Pack (including unlock material of Pirrosa and Pirrosa's soul stone)

2. Halloween Costumes

3. Three new Lengendary Gems

4. Events for veteran players

Raziel WILL NOT need a re-download for these updates!

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For builds on other characters and Raziel tips:

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