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Raziel: Progression Guide After lvl 60+

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So you've started playing Raziel: Dungeon Arena and you're approaching level 60...and may have noticed the game progression is beginning to slow down a bit and not so linear anymore. In this guide, I am going to show you how end game looks like and everything you need to do to get stronger and progress.

GET TO LEVEL 60 ASAP - First thing is to get yourself to level 60, this is extremely important as it opens up Demonland floors which is basically the end game dungeon.

Here are the most effective ways to level up (even for 60+):

  1. World Map - Go to the portal in town and go to the area that best suits your level and keep completing the map quests and moving on to higher level maps.

  2. Main Quest - Keep playing through the chapters on the main quest. When you finish chapter 10 on normal, switch to hard mode and play through it all again, then hell mode.

  3. Soul Lamp - In your right hand menu, you will notice a soul lamp button. Once clicked, there will be an absorption tab. Your soul lamp collects EXP from monsters during combat, which then you can transfer it back to your character. Make sure to do this as much as possible because excess exp will be lost.

What To Do After Level 60 in Raziel?

Daily Dungeons (Resets at 5:00 server time)

It's important to do your daily tasks in Raziel because some of these dungeons will give you exclusive drops that it'll be hard to obtain anywhere else. The daily dungeons includes:

  1. Tavern Challenge: Do this 3 times a day to potentially get unique items, set items and set item crafting materials (can be increased if you spend real money) - Use the quick matching function to enter with a team, otherwise it could be difficult or time consuming.

  2. Limited Boss Challenge: Complete this 3 times a day (5:00, 12:00 and 21:00) to potentially get sets and set crafting materials as well as unique items. Make sure to use the quick matching for this as well.

  3. Trials Guild Contribution: Under the trials button you'll notice a different event for different days of the week. These are generally pretty easy and you can do it in a group, you should do this to earn guild contribution coins.

  4. Land of Hell: You can enter Land of Hell 3 times a day, it's very important to do this everyday because each successful run will give you a Demon Land Crystal Ball (the material you will need to challenge Demon Land floors.

MUST DO's to Get Stronger

Once you are at level 60, you are getting pretty close to end game and will need to focus on getting your character stronger. Here are the things you MUST do on top of your dailies:

  1. Demon Land: This is the end game dungeon as you will keep progressing to higher and higher floors to unlock new features in the game (such as PVP after T4 F10). This is also the area where you can get Unique and Set items from the boss as well as material for rune upgrades.

  2. Abyss Land (Opens after T4 F30 in Demonland): Once you get to this stage, it will be very similar to Land of Hell and Demon Land which you can get rune upgrade materials from.

  3. Soul Lamp Upgrade: You will want to upgrade this whenever possible as it will give your character passive stats and some very good % passive stats in later levels. When you run out of materials to upgrade, click the item and see where to obtain the resource in the main story dungeon (then farm that).

  4. Soul Lamp Curse Upgrades: Same with the soul lamp upgrade, farm for the materials you need to upgrade curses, most of these are very important to max.

  5. Gear Enhancement: Enhance your gears with the enhancement stones you will receive from various quests. There are set bonuses for getting all your gears up equally in increments of 5 levels.

  6. Gem Inlays: You will want to use the gems that suits your build the most and inlay it into your socketed gear (The highest I've seen is 4 slots). Make sure to use the upgrade button to level up your gems.

  7. Runes: You will get runes from Abyss Land and Demon Land which then you use at the Rune NPC in town to level up passive stats.

  8. Stone Improvements: You will notice the 2 most bottom equipment for your character is a M.Stone slot and H.Stone slot. These items can be enhanced using stat fillers which are found through the main story line in Hard and Hell Mode. Make sure to read your item description to see the stat you need to active the skill on the item.

  9. Pets: Pretty straight forward here, you want to level up a SSS (if you can't get SSS, use a S pet). Get it to the point where you need to awaken to progress any further.

  10. Forging Ancient Set Items: Character specific set items are truly GAME CHANGING which is why you must get these to complete your character build. As you progress through the game, you will get different set items, you should dismantle the ones you don't need to get forging materials which you can use to make the set pieces you need.

10. Gambling For Ancient Set Items - In town, you will find a NPC called Hayden The Jester, who you will be spending a lot of time with gold with. When you purchase gears from him, you have a chance to get uniques, sets and even superior uniques and sets (once you've completed certain demon land floors)

Best Gear Build by Class

Always combine 2 Manic set for the 2 piece bonus with 4 of your class specific ancient set. We have listed the current META sets by class with their talent path below. Make sure to look at what the skills for each set boosts to choose your skill combination respectively.

Paladin (Bison) - Prestige Set with with Realm Knight Talent Tree

Beast Master (Rock) - Bone Picker Set with Barbaric Berserk Talent Tree

Death Ranger (Vilsak) - Lost Shadow Set with Dead Ranger Talent Tree

Puppeteer (Isadora) - Soul Taker Set with Hellfire Puppet Talent Tree

Ice Mage (Alina) - Lustrous Ice Set with Energy Mage Talent Tree


Hope you all enjoyed this guide! Please share this with those might be of help to. Also make sure to check out the YouTube video I've posted on this same topic and give us a subscribe and like. See you next time!

View all Raziel Guides

ALSO SEE: Raziel Beginner Guide

ALSO SEE: Secondary Hero Hidden Talents

ALSO SEE: Best Free to Play End Game Bison Build

ALSO SEE: End Game Farming Guide For All Players

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