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Raziel: Rock Bone Picker -The Best Free To Play Rock Build For End Game and PvP

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I dedicate this guide to all the free to play Rock players out there. This is the build is inspired by my old guildmate AxE from open beta and he was by far the strongest in the server for both PvP and speed running PvE. This Rock / Beastmaster build is easily scalable as well since it's based o normal attack damage.

Pros of this Build:

  • 1 second cooldown on a dash skill that also pull enemies within 8m to you while dealing massive aoe damage. (Incredible for speed clearing and PvP)

  • The build has multiple sources of % damage attack increase / normal attack damage increase which scales very well since the build is based off of normal attack. (Normal attack is also the offensive stat that can be stacked the highest in the game)

  • Has both high single target and aoe damage.

  • Build comes with lifesteal (even without Isadora or Level 3 soulstone) to give you high sustainability (You never have to use any potions)

  • Very fast attacks to proc passives and crits

  • You rarely have to use energy since 3 of the skills you will be using does not need it.

Cons of this Build:

  • Like most builds, if you get stunned and can't attack to lifesteal, you are in trouble.

  • Although the build comes with big AOE damage, it is directional based on where you are faced.

  • This build is not auto-play like the Bison Auradin build, you need to actively be using your skills to do damage.

  • This build isn't good until you can get the bone picker set and the 2 legendary pieces. All can be done easily in free to play through demon land and jester merchant.

What Does this Rock Build Do

This is the Rock Bone Picker build where your main damage source is your auto attack which is turned into fast attacking massive AOE swings and a massive AOE "Throwing Axe" skill. There is also a mobility dash skill which can be used every 1 second that has an insane 8m CC that pulls your enemies to you. That skill makes this build insane in PvP.

Team Comp

This awesome thing about this build is you can use anyone as your secondary, I prefer Bison for the 5% crit boost and magic resist team passive. You can also use Isadora for her 5% lifesteal passive to get more sustainability. (However, once you get level 3 soulstone, I don't recommend using Isadora anymore since you get 2% lifesteal from the soulstone)

Keep in mind, this build comes with lifesteal even if you don't use Isadora or have level 3 soulstone.

Talents at lvl 60 (The current cap)

I won't go into too much detail about the individual talent notes since you can read them in the game, but the one node I want you to pay attention to is the most north one (Raging Warrior). This is the talent that makes your dash skill (Savage Charge) have a 1 second cooldown, this is extremely important to have.

Rock Talents

Bison Talents (If you choose him as secondary)

Isadora Talents (If you choose her as a secondary)

Skills (Once you have the gears in the guide)

Normal Attack: This is actually the bread and butter of this build, with Bone Picker set, your normal attacks are fast and heavily enhanced by all the buffs while doing aoe slash effects (Wind Blades), where every 3rd attack, huge wind blades gets released.

Skill 1: Savage Charge: This dash skill can be used every 1 second which also gives you a 44% normal damage buff, a crowd control that pulls enemies within 8m to you and is counted as a normal attack so it can apply passive effects.

Skill 2: Swinging Flying Axe: This is like Draven's ult from League of Legends, throws out 2 axes and they come back. To be fully honest with you, you may never have to use this skill because the opportunity cost of time it takes to cast this does not offset losing an auto attack.

Skill 3: Bloodthirsty Slash: With the Dream Binding Headring (legendary helmet), casting this skill does a bit of aoe damage and gives you a permanent (as long as you don't leave the instance) aura that boosts your normal attack damage by 44%.

Skill 4: Throwing Axe: The other major piece of this build is this skill. With bone picker set, Throwing Axe does a massive 10 meter AOE attack where the skill cooldown gets reduced by your normal attacks. After casting Throwing Axe, you also get a 43% normal attack buff.

Keep in mind that this build needs to be followed very closely because without the right gears and talents, the skills do something completely different.

Skill Rotation in Combat

  1. First make sure your Bloodthirsty Slash is up at the beginning of the dungeon for the damage buff.

  2. Use Savage Charge to engage and pull enemies to you while giving yourself another damage buff.

  3. Drop Throwing Axe for massive AOE damage and giving yourself another damage buff.

  4. Swing away using your auto/normal attack.

  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 until enemies are dead.


This is the most important part of the build, don't worry in Raziel, gear is one of the easiest things to come by and all free to play players can easily get the same gears as pay to win. It's all a grind.

This build require 3 components: 4 piece Bone Picker Set, Dream-Binding Headring Helmet and Weeping Boots.

  • Trinket - Bone Picker Set

  • Armor - Bone Picker Set

  • Hands/Gloves - Bone Picker Set

  • Weapon - Bone Picker Set

  • Legs - Weeping Boots Legendary

  • Helmet - Binding Headring Legendary

These are the effects each component gives you:


The main areas of stats you can actually get variation from are the actual stats of each gear, enhancement levels, gems, runes and a few other minor things like costumes. Also, you must go for both offensive and defensive, otherwise you'll get 1 shotted by end game bosses.

Offensive Stats Prioritise:

  1. Normal Attack Damage (Boost this as much as possible)

  2. Armor Piercing (Boost this by focusing on getting to level 5 gems since they give you 5% armor piercing and 11% a lvl 6)

  3. Attack Damage

  4. Crit

Defensive Stats: Try to get over 2,000 defence and magic defence. Once you've reached these numbers, you can focus a bit on HP and extra damage reduction.

Lifesteal Sources

As mentioned in this guide, level 3 soulstone will give you 2% lifesteal and Isadora will give you 5% lifesteal. HOWEVER, without either of these 2 things, you still get a good amount of lifesteal which I can't explain. Watch the video in this article or our YouTube channel to see what I mean.


Hope you all enjoyed this guide and thank you for reading! Make sure to watch the video in this guide to see some gameplay of this build. Also please support our growing YouTube channel as we'll try to make more guides and provide the latest gameplay news on mobile gaming.

For more information on the latest mobile games and guides, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!

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ALSO SEE: End Game Farming Guide For All Players

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