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Raziel: Unkillable Soul Witch-The Best Isadora Build For End Game and PvP

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Welcome to the Unkillable Soul Witch Isadora build. In this guide I will show you how to build Isadora to have huge AOE DPS auras that follows her around (like the Auradin Bison build), super high HP and forever invincibility while doing huge damage.

Pros of this Build:

  • You have the skill Sneak which does huge AOE damage to the entire room every 0.25 seconds, pulls enemies, heals you for 2% max hp every second and makes you invincible for 4 seconds. This skill has a 1 second cooldown lol.

  • All 4 of your skills do huge AOE damage that cover the room and follows you around.

  • Super tanky as one of your skills gives you an extra 25% hp.

  • 2 of your skills has natural lifesteal to give you high sustainability on top of being perma invincible with Sneak.

  • Broken in PvP since people can't hit you but you can 1 shot them.

Cons of this Build:

  • No blink or dash skill, so you have to run around like a chump.

  • Not the highest single target DPS build like the Bison Auradin build.

Why Go With this Build?

Raziel Best Isadora Build Talents MoboGamers

If you want to feel like a God for doing huge damage while being invincible then this build is for you. I call this the easywin build for everything since you can do almost as much damage as the Bison Auradin build but you essentially can be invincible forever. If that's not broken, then I don't know what is. You most likely won't get the highest damage on single target bosses though.

Secondary/Support Hero

One of the great things about this build is that you have quite a few choices of who your secondary can be. Whoever you choose, go for all 3 of their team talents. Read more about secondary characters here.

I recommend Vilsack for his 3 talent buffs (See below for screenshot):

  • 5% extra damage buff "Phantom Aura"

  • Tenacity Breaking for the 5% tenacity deduction which will help your Sneak skill pull/cc enemies.

  • Undead Shooter for the 5% dodge rate for even more survivability.

Talents at lvl 60 (The current cap)

Follow the Isadora talent tree below as it will cover very important nodes for this build. Some of the key nodes are:

Curse Technique: This is the skill that turns Sneak into a 1 second CD skill.

Soul Blast: Every 8 seconds, 3 soul blasts can hit your enemy for 448% each.

Soul Link: Every 1 second, a 8.4% damage soul link skill will hit your enemy.

Soul Recovery: Makes your Sneak skill recover 2% of your max HP every second. (Since Sneak has a 1 second cooldown and lasts 4 seconds, essentially you're recovering 2% hp every second permanently)

Cursed Zone: a 7.4% damage AOE skill that ticks every 0.5 seconds on enemy hit. Lasts 4 seconds with a 4 second cooldown.

Spirit Enhancement: You and your allies will receive a final damage reduction of Isadora's Max HP x 2.5%.

Soul Power: When you reach below 50% hp, you instantly recover 30% hp and 30% energy. This passive has a 10 second cooldown.

Hellfire Puppet: When your hp is over 50% you will receive a 5% damage amplification.

Soul Taker Scythe: When you do damage to an enemy, you trigger Soul Taker Scythe which does 7.2% damage every 0.33 seconds.

Isadora Talent Tree

Raziel Best Isadora Build Talents

Vilsack Talents

You just need the 3 team talent buffs, the rest doesn't matter

Raziel Best Isadora Build Vilsack Talents

Skills (Once you have the gears in the guide)

Raziel Best Isadora Build Skills

Skill 1: Sneak: Turns you invincible/untargetable for 4 seconds while doing massive AOE damage every 0.25 seconds and follows you around while cc/pulling enemies towards you. This skill also heals you for 2.5% of your max HP every second. This skill also gives you a 12% extra damage buff and can be stacked 3 times, however, using it back to back will remove that buff.

Skill 2: Soul Fire: This is a 4m AOE skill that follows you around dealing big AOE damage and has a natural 3.5% lifesteal to give you sustainability. Lasts for 10 seconds with a 10 second cooldown, so it can be kept up forever.

Skill 3: Land of Desecration: An AOE skill that covers the entire screen dealing damage every 0.5 seconds that follows you around. It also gives you a natural life steal buff. Lasts for 10 seconds with a 10 second cooldown, so you can keep it up forever.

Skill 4: Hellfire: Another 8m AOE damage skill that hits every 0.5 seconds and follows you around. This skill also boosts your max hp by 25%. Lasts for 10 seconds with a 10 second cooldown, so you can keep it up forever.

Keep in mind all of your skills can be active while in Sneak mode. You need to follow the guide completely to get the skill results described above.

Skill Rotation in Combat

  1. Use Sneak to engage to pull enemies close to you and give yourself the extra damage % buff.

  2. Use Hellfire to get the HP boost and start doing damage.

  3. Then use Soul Fire for more damage.

  4. Use Land of Desecration for more damage.

  5. Use Sneak again so you don't ever get hit.

  6. Repeat steps 1 to 5.


This is the most important part of the build, don't worry in Raziel, gear is one of the easiest things to come by and all free to play players can easily get the same gears as pay to win. It's all about grinding Demonland floors, Tavern, World Boss and spending your gold with Hayden the Jester to gamble for the pieces you need. Don't forget you can also furnace parts you don't need to get the materials needed to forge.

This build require 3 components: 4 Soul Taker Set, Soul-Reaving Robe and Soul-Reaving Shoes.

  • Trinket - Soul Taker Set

  • Armor - Soul-Reaving Robe (Legendary armor for Isadora)

  • Hands/Gloves - Soul Taker Set

  • Weapon - Soul Taker Set

  • Legs - Soul-Reaving Shoes (Legendary shoes for Isadora)

  • Helmet - Soul Taker Set

These are the effects each component gives you:

Raziel Best Isadora Build Items


The main areas of stats you can actually get variation from are the actual stats of each gear, enhancement levels, gems, runes, fillers in M/H Stones and a few other things like costumes. Also, you must go for both offensive and defensive, otherwise you'll get 1 shotted by end game bosses.

Offensive Stats Prioritise:

  1. Extra Damage (Boost this as much as possible).

  2. Magic Piercing (Boost this by focusing on getting to level 5 gems since they give you 5% magic piercing and 11% a lvl 6).

Defensive Stats: Try to get over 2,000 defence and magic defence. Once you've reached these numbers, stack HP as you have skills that increases your hp as a % of your max and final damage reduction as a % of your max hp.


Hope you all enjoyed this guide and thank you for reading! Make sure to watch the YouTube video in this guide to see some gameplay of this build. Also please support our growing YouTube channel and the website for me to make more guides and provide the latest gameplay news on mobile gaming.

For more information on the latest mobile games and guides, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!

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