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Raziel: Death Ranger -The Best Free To Play Vilsack Build For End Game

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Welcome to the Death Ranger Vilsack build. In this guide I will show you how to build Vilsack so it becomes an insane DPS carry with high mobility and the best single target DPS in the game. It also can apply a 20% ATK reduction debuff on your enemies.

Pros of this Build:

  • Best mobility in the game with the 1 second cooldown on Swift Shadow (long range dash) skill that also gives you a massive movement speed every time you use it.

  • Insane single target and small AOE DPS mainly from 1 skill and your auto-attack.

  • Build comes with various ways of obtaining life steal to keep you alive forever. (Even without life steal items, Isadora or level 3 soulstone)

  • 20% ATK reduction debuff once you get 5 stacks of Arrow Volley Shadow and Toxic Shot.

  • Very fast attacks to proc passives and crits.

  • You rarely have to use energy since your main attack is auto attack.

  • Breaks enemy tenacity so you can CC them more.

Cons of this Build:

  • Very squishy if stunned.

  • The AOE in this build isn't very big so you really have to make sure you land your Arrow Volley Shadow Skill.

  • This build isn't good until you can get the Lost Shadow set which is the set that turns your Shadow Volley into an insane DPS skill.

Why Go With this Build?

Raziel: Vilsack Death Ranger Build-Guide.jpg

If you enjoy fast mobility ranged shooters with HUGE single target / small AOE dps, then the Death Ranger Vilsack build is for you. The build focuses a lot on auto attacking and dashing around with your 1 second cooldown mobility skill while running 50% faster than every other class. While doing this, you have one of the highest DPS skills in the game Arrow Volley Shadow that could be used every few seconds if using your auto-attack to reduce its cooldown. You will be able to speed run dungeons and clear bosses extremely quick with this build.

Team Comp

One of the great things about this build is that you have quite a few choices of who your secondary can be. Read more about secondary characters here.

Choice #1 for me would be Bison for the 5% crit chance team bonus from "Fatal Aura" and the 10% Magic Res buff.

Choice #2 would be Rock for the 5% Normal Attack damage buff from "Barbaric Aura." and 10% Armor buff. Switch between Rock or Bison depending on the defence need.

Choice #3 would be Isadora for the summons and 5% lifesteal buff "Creepy Witchcraft" (The reason Isadora is #3 for me is because she doesn't boost your damage in any way, and if you already have the life steal bonus from soulstone level 3 on either your main or secondary, then she is kind of pointless).

**IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT LIFE STEAL AND DON'T HAVE ISADORA.** Go to the Life Steal section at the bottom of this guide.

Talents at lvl 60 (The current cap)

Follow the Vilsack talent 100% as it will cover very important nodes for this build. Some of the key nodes are:

Swift Shadow - Guerilla which reduces CD of any swift shadow skill to 1 second.

Toxin Blast - Does 840% damage every 5 seconds when you hit enemies with a skill.

Blood Lightning - Every 4 seconds you will have a chain lightning added to your normal attacks that does 348% damage up to 3 enemies with a 5% lifesteal.

Blood Thirsty Arrow - 20% chance to add 330% damage to your basic attacks.

Swift Shadow Recovery - Everytime you use your Swift Shadow dash skill (every 1 second) it will restore 2% of your map hp.

Dead Ranger - 26% damage up.

Vilsack Talent Tree

Raziel Vilsack Death Ranger Talent Tree.jpg

Bison Talents (If you choose him as secondary)

Raziel Vilsack Build: Bison Talent Tree

Isadora Talents (If you choose her as a secondary)

Raziel Vilsack Death Ranger Build Isadora Talent Tree

Skills (Once you have the gears in the guide)

Raziel Vilsack Death Ranger Skills.jpg

Normal Attack: The key to this build, with all the amplifications from items, talents and skills, you are getting huge attack bonuses from your normal attacks. It is also the easiest stat to stack for damage. Also, with the Lost Shadow Set, your normal attacks now do AOE damage with every 3rd normal attack reducing the cooldown of Arrow Volley Shadow by 1.5 seconds.

Skill 1: Swift Shadow - Agility: A 1 second cooldown dash that covers half the room. Everytime you use it, you get a 56% speed buff for 6 seconds. With the Purgatory Leather boots, you will also get a 39% normal attack damage buff every time the skill is used.

Skill 1 Alternative if you don't have any lifesteal sources: Lost Shadow - Lifesteal: A 1 second CD dash skill that gives you 6% lifesteal for 4 seconds when used.

Skill 2: Toxic Shot: Not a super important skill to this build but it could be useful for dragged out fights in PvE and PvP, a 0.5 second CD skill that applies a 2% ATK reduction debuff that can be stacked to 5 times. Once it stacks to 5, there will be a poisonous explosion.

Skill 3: Respulsive Arrow: This skill must be paired with the Heirloom Armor mentioned in this guide as it will give you a 39% normal attack damage buff. There is literally no other purpose of this skill.

Skill 4: Arrow Volley Shadow: One of the highest damage skills in this game. It has a very small AOE but insane damage. Like Toxic Shot it also applies a 2% ATK reduction debuff which combined with Toxic Shot will give you 20% once both are stacked to 5. With the Lost Shadow set, Arrow Volley Shadow now scales with normal attack damage and applies a 43% normal attack buff when used. The cooldown is 6 seconds but every 3rd normal attack will reduce the cooldown by 1.5 seconds.

You need to follow the guide completely to get the skill results described above.

Skill Rotation in Combat

  1. First use Swift Shadow - Agility to get the 39% normal attack damage buff.

  2. Then use Repulsive Arrow to get another 39% normal attack damage buff.

  3. Drop Arrow Volley Shadow for the massive damage and get the 43% normal attack damage buff.

  4. Auto attack like crazy while using Swift Shadow to dodge attacks.

  5. Repeat step 1 to 4 for some easy clap.


This is the most important part of the build, don't worry in Raziel, gear is one of the easiest things to come by and all free to play players can easily get the same gears as pay to win. It's all about grinding Demonland floors, Tavern, World Boss and spending your gold with Hayden the Jester to gamble for the pieces you need. Don't forget you can also furnace parts you don't need to get the materials needed to forge.

This build require 3 components: 4 piece Lost Shadow Set, Heirloom Armor and Purgatory Leather Boots.

  • Trinket - Lost Shadow Set

  • Armor - Heirloom Armor Legendary for Vilsack

  • Hands/Gloves - Lost Shadow Set

  • Weapon - Lost Shadow Set

  • Legs - Purgatory Leather Legendary for Vilsack

  • Helmet - Lost Shadow Set

These are the effects each component gives you:

Razile Vilsack Death Ranger Guide Items


The main areas of stats you can actually get variation from are the actual stats of each gear, enhancement levels, gems, runes and a few other minor things like costumes. Also, you must go for both offensive and defensive, otherwise you'll get 1 shotted by end game bosses.

Offensive Stats Prioritise:

  1. Normal Attack Damage (Boost this as much as possible).

  2. Armor Piercing (Boost this by focusing on getting to level 5 gems since they give you 5% armor piercing and 11% a lvl 6).

  3. Crit.

Defensive Stats: Try to get over 2,000 defence and magic defence. Once you've reached these numbers, you can focus a bit on HP and extra damage reduction.

Lifesteal Options

Ideal Situation: Have level 3 soulstone on either your main or secondary for the 2% lifesteal buff.

Situation 2 (If you don't have level 3 soulstone): Use Isadora as your secondary for the 5% lifesteal.

Situation 3 (If you don't have level 3 soulstone or Isadora): Use Swift Shadow - Lifesteal skill for the 6% lifesteal buff. Losing out on the extra run speed and 39% normal attack damage buff isn't too big of a deal trust me.


Hope you all enjoyed this guide and thank you for reading! Make sure to watch the YouTube video in this guide to see some gameplay of this build. Also please support our growing YouTube channel and the website for me to make more guides and provide the latest gameplay news on mobile gaming.

For more information on the latest mobile games and guides, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!

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