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ReEvolve Upcoming Sandbox MMO Survival Gameplay


ReEvolve by Tencent Games and Perfect World is a sandbox MMORPG with the survival genre elements. Think of it as a Minecraft but with anime graphics and more MMORPG elements. You can do everything from gathering resources, hunting and capturing animals/beasts to become your pet (Think Pokemon), build a base, craft items, defeat enemies, play with other players, and pretty much anything you can think of. Tencent has announced a 2020 global release date with nothing confirmed, so let's cross our fingers and wait for this one to come out soon!

Gameplay and Story

In ReEvolve, you as the protagonist is tasked with the role of revitalising the world (Yes...including the love part) and see it blossom in different eras of the game. You are dropped on a strange planet and it is your goal to survive through gathering resources, hunting, gathering, fishing, crafting weapons and gear, forging a base, meeting other players, defeating monsters and eat/drink to stay alive.

Since ReEvolve is a sandbox MMORPG, you can choose to play through the story and do quests, or just explore the world and do whatever you want to level up. The game gives you a lot of freedom to do different things and try out new mechanics without touching the main quest. With the amount of customisation the game gives you, ReEvolve is also quite fun to play with other players whether it is PvE or PvP.

Final Thoughts

I hope you now have a better idea of what ReEvolve is after reading this article. It is hard to summarise what the game is in one article as it is vast and features so many elements. I for one will definitely play it once the English version is released. Make sure to watch the YouTube video in this guide to see some gameplay of this build. Also please support our growing YouTube channel and the website for me to make more guides and provide the latest gameplay news on mobile gaming.

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