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Seven Knights 2 - Open Beta Gameplay First Impressions and How You Can Play It

Seven Knights 2 Story and Gameplay


It has been over 6 years since the launch of the original Seven knights and now we are finally getting the second release in the series. The long awaited for Seven Knights 2 by Netmarble has just launched its open beta on iOS and Android in South Korea this November 18, 2020 with a huge success! Unlike its counterpart, Seven Knights 2 actually falls into the mobile 3D MMORPG genre with live action combat system. In this article, let's talk about exactly what is Seven Knights 2, the gameplay, different game modes, the story, the characters and how to play it if you don't live in Korea.

Seven Knights 2 Explained

Just Another Mobile RPG/MMORPG?

At first, I wasn't too sure what to expect from Seven Knights 2 as it looked like any other Korean MMORPGs for mobile. As I started playing the game, I quickly realised that this was not the case. On top of the incredible graphics and engaging story line, the game boasts a very unique 4 party member combat system while players control one character at a time but can choose to swap to any party member at any given moment. The combat also feels like a perfect blend between strategy and live action where players will have the option of going auto-play or manually moving and attacking. Seven Knights 2 will have over 46 playable characters each with their own unique skill sets, gear customisation, roles and lore.

Seven Knights 2 Gameplay and Combat

The Story of Seven Knights 2

Fans of the first Seven Knights rejoice as you will see many familiar characters in the second instalment. The game will take place 20 years after the first game with many story and character cross-overs and connecting parts. I won't talk too much about the details of the story line, but from what we've seen so far, it has been incredible and engaging. At one point, I thought I was playing a Final Fantasy game as the production was so amazing. (I am beginning to sound like a fanboy) Nonetheless, Seven Knights 2 definitely had some love and care put behind the story line and production to give players a wonderful fantasy experience.

Seven Knights 2 Story Mode

Characters and Classes

Seven Knights 2 features over 46 playable characters where some will be given to you as you progress through the game while others you'll have to unlock through a GACHA system. Each character will have a specific role between offensive, defensive, support and multiple type/aoe and shooter/long ranged. You will also be able to set different formations and party mechanics to create a smart/strategic party setup.

Seven Knights 2 Character Selection

Each character also has 4 unique skills and an ultimate skill which can be all used automatically or manually depending on your preference. Furthermore, each character you own can also be equipped with different items and customised to your liking through other progression mechanics. Having a deep knowledge of each character and their specialities will help you put together the perfect party to get through the game.

Seven Knights 2 Characters

Open World and Multiplayer

Players are put into a massively open world with other players but the entire story line will be played solo in your party of 4. However, beyond the main story, players can see others players and their party in the open world, talk with other players in the chat system, do boss raids with up to 8 players at a time while choosing one character as your main. There are also other game modes where players can choose to do solo or in teams with other players. Keep in mind, online-multiplayer will not allow you to have your initial party of 4 and will make you decide to pick only one controllable character similar to the multiplayer in Genshin Impact. Seven Knights 2 also has a PvP system where you can fight other players 4v4 but it is heavily leaned towards combat power (CP) which means there may potentially be some pay to win.

Seven Knights 2 MMORPG open world multiplayer

How to Play Seven Knights 2 open beta when you are not in Korea

Since the open beta is currently available in South Korea, only, you won't be able to get the game without being there. I will show you how to download the game on both iOS and Android. The good thing is, you won't need a VPN to actually play it.

Seven Knights 2 open beta how to play


  1. Open App Store.

  2. Log out of your current Apple ID (in the bottom).

  3. Now tap sign-in and choose create a new Apple ID.

  4. Use an email address that is not associated to your real Apple ID.

  5. When it prompts you, put your location to South Korea.

  6. Fill out the rest of the sign-up information fields (You can make everything up)

  7. When you get to payment method, choose "none".

  8. Once you are complete, you will get a verification email which you will need to click to verify the email address you've used.

  9. Now when you open the App Store, you will be directed to that region's App Store.

  10. Search for Seven Knights 2 or click here and install the game.

  11. Now you can play the game!


  1. Get the TapTap/ app on your phone here

  2. Download the Seven Knights 2 APK file from TapTap by clicking here

  3. Now you are set and can play!

Final Verdict

I opened the Seven Knights 2 open beta this morning and haven't been able to stop playing since. It's been a long time since I've been this engaged in the story of a mobile game and wowed by the refreshing game mechanics. There are currently no global release date set for the game but we can definitely expect this to hit the west at some point in 2021. I highly recommend you follow my instructions above and try out the open beta for yourself. I can say with confidence that I believe Seven Knights 2 will be one of the biggest hits for mobile MMORPGs in 2021.

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