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Shadow Fight Arena - Online Fighting First Impression & Gameplay Android and iOS


Nekki the makers of the Shadow Fight universe games has just launched Shadow Fight Arena, an online multiplayer PvP fighting game available on both iOS and Android devices. The name of the game is patience, tactics, strategy and reaction speed with no pay to win elements that can give players on either side an advantage. Our experience playing this game has been phenomenal from the dynamic hero combinations to the precision of control input to character action. If you enjoy fighting games that are more tactical than button smashing, Shadow Fight Arena will be right up your alley!


Each match begins with players choosing 3 heroes to be part of their roster. A player will become victorious when all 3 heroes from the opposing enemy has fallen. Defeating the enemy is all about being tactical and timing your attacks/skills/blocks to throw your enemy off guard. There is not a button smasher at all and it's very focused on reading your enemy's movements and timing it with your next attack.

Each hero can kick, attack with their weapon, gain access to special attacks in their shadow form and use a ranged attack. Depending on the direction of your touch pad, each one of those 4 functions will perform a different movement. For example, moving back while using a kick will do a kick move completely different than simply just pressing kick. In order for you to be victorious and climb the ranks, you will need to understand what each hero can do and how you can best use your own to counter your enemy. Enter the ranks and battle your way up while unlocking new characters to try.


There are currently 14 characters/heroes to choose form in Shadow Fight Arena with more to come. All will be part of the Shadow Fight lore that has existed for many years with a rich history spanning across multiple titles and millions of players. The game will start you off with 3 heroes (Ling, Shang the Monk and Liquidator Kate), as you climb the ranks, you will get a chance to unlock other characters each with unique moves, stats and special skills.


I hope this article has given you some insight to whether Shadow Fight Arena will be right for you, I personally loved the game even though it isn't a genre I am used to playing. I definitely recommend at least giving the title a try and play 4-5 matches to get a better sense. From the videos we've seen online, some matches are absolutely insane with the high level of game play! If you did enjoy this, please support our growing YouTube channel as we'll try to make more guides and provide the latest gameplay news on more mobile games. Subscribe to our YouTube Here.

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