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Shining Beyond RPG Gameplay Review on iOS and Android

Shining Beyond Gameplay Review New Release Android and iOS


A new mobile anime RPG title called Shining Beyond fell into our lap this morning, I fell in love with the art style right away! Let's take a look and see if the game will be better or different than others of its genre and if it is worth playing. Shining Beyond just had its global release this November 26, 2020 on iOS/Android and is published by XII Braves, the same team who brought you Valiant Force. In this article, let's talk about the gameplay of Shining Beyond, the character, the story, the Gacha system and more.

Shining Beyond Explained

Another Idle RPG Gacha Game?

At first glance, Shining Beyond has beautiful anime graphics with a combination of 3D and 2D visuals. As we begin to dive into the game, we see we begin to see there are quite a lot of commonalities between the Shining Beyond and other games in the genre including a 4 member party system. You will find everything from an array of Waifus/Husbandos in the Gacha, Idle battling/farming system, gear and enhancements, stamina system to progress in the story, and the obvious auto-play/auto-combat.

Shining Beyond Gameplay Combat Formations

Now the basics are out of the way, there are quite a few things that makes the game stand out from the rest, such as the live combat, the ability to move your entire team to dodge AOE spells, custom team formations, a pretty detailed character development system and a pretty awesome multiplayer co-op system!

Shining Beyond Gameplay Combat Review

There is also an idle mode for players who doesn't have time to play the game too much but still wants their characters to progress. The rewards are quite decent too, the stronger your team, the more you will get of cource!

Shining Beyond Gameplay Idle RPG

The Story and Characters

In Shining Beyond, the world of Arathos is engulfed in darkness and evil. A small group of heroes take arm and forms a small resistance group to rise up against the evil empire. If you've played Valiant Force, Shining Beyond's story timeline is in the same era and the main Hero Jake, is battling enemies while fighting a hidden demon within. The Heroes of Shining Beyond must unite with the Heroes of Valiant Force and defeat Emma's evil plan.

The game launched with 36 heroes with more than 50 planned (so I am sure we will see more soon). Each hero is has the classic rating system of R/SR/SSR with a specific role type between warrior, archer, rogue and acolyte. Each hero has their own lore, personalities and unique cosmetics/costumes.

Shining Beyond Characters and heroes

Upgrades and Features

Shining Beyond has a quite a few mechanics that will allow players to enhance the power of their characters. Some of these enhancements includes upgrading your Hero's rating using duplicate shards, enhancing their equipment, upgrading their skills, awakening, equipping them with jobs (talent tree), and more.

Shining Beyond Gameplay Hero Jobs and Talents

The gear in Shining Beyond are class specific, so a warrior may not be able to use some of the same equipment as an archer. Beyond that, upgrading your weapon, equipment and accessories greatly increases the power of your hero but can also get very expensive. Therefore, be very careful about which item you want to invest in. I recommend waiting for the crafting feature to unlock first before investing too much into your items.

Shining Beyond Gameplay Hero equipment upgrade

Game Modes and Multiplayer

Shining Beyond comes with quite a few game modes for players to enjoy both solo, with friends or against other players. Beyond the main story mode, there will be an Arena mode for PvP, a special events mode, different dungeons to farm items/gold, an endless tower and a world raid! Playing together with other players in the game is very key to Shining Beyond, you can play with up to two other players to take on enemies as a combined party size of 12!

Shining Beyond Game Modes and Story

Final Verdict

Compared to most gacha idle games on mobile, Shining Beyond has a lot of unique qualities and features that will give fans of the genre quite a few things to look forward to. The ability to move your party mid combat, the live action, the awesome characters and the ability to play 3 player co-op makes the game a winner in this category!

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