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Sky: Children of the Light - Is it Still Worth Playing in 2020 and Beyond

Sky: Children of the Light is an extremely popular and award winning online adventure game published by ThatGameCompany. The game is designed for all ages and was released on iOS back in July 2019 and Android in April 2020 with cross-platform play. Sky: COTL has seen massive success with a wide group of audience as it caters to both players who wants to play solo or with their friends. The game is visually appealing and is filled with activities, puzzles and social elements for countless hours of gameplay. In this article, I will talking about the gameplay and whether you should give this game a try or pick the game backup if you've tried it in the past.

Sky Children of the Light Gameplay Review Friends

First, I want to say that Sky: Children of the Light has one of the most welcoming and nice communities I've ever seen, you're almost guaranteed to make friends while playing this game. For those who have never played Sky: Children of the Light, the game features a massive world of beautifully animated landscapes, sky zones and kingdom like structures for players to explore. You can explore, complete challenges and puzzles alone or with friends and other players in the world. Like all great adventure games, Sky: COTL allows players to glide, fly, slide, run, climb and interact with pretty much anything in the game.

Sky Children of the Light Gameplay Review Multiplayer

Travel through 7 various realms solo or with up to 8 players and experience incredible graphics while enjoying the delightful soundtracks and creating your own musical experiences. You will be able to customise many elements of your character including the pants, masks, hairstyles, capes and musical instruments. See here for all Sky: Children of the Light customisation Wiki. As you progress through the game, challenges and puzzles will become more and more difficult and timely to complete, so be prepared to have some head scratching moments.

Sky: COTL is really about using your wings to take flight and navigate the different realms. You will need to find Winged Light across the various realms which takes the form of a glowing "Child of Light." You can then use these to upgrade your cape for cosmetic variations and create a longer flight duration. There are also Ancestor Spirits which are glowing blue human like spirits that allows you to unlock social expressions once a challenge is completed. As players, you must look at every end of the realms if you want to unlock everything which is not necessary to get through the main game.

Sky Children of the Light Gameplay Review and Should You play

Once you play through all seven realms and completed the main story, there are quite a few things in the game that will keep you entertained and logging back on. There will be daily quests for you to do that allows you to collect up to 4 season candles that can be exchanged for cosmetics. The four daily quests will always get players to complete social tasks, seasonally inspired tasks, ecology tasks for players to interact with the world and spirit tasks.

There will also be many hidden side challenges and puzzles that players may have missed, so revisiting different realms will unlock more goodies.

Also one of the biggest replay-ability factors of Sky: Children of the Light is the social engagement that players can have with each other. You will find many players around every corner of the map which you can interact with and adventure together. (Or do nothing but chat and make friendships which a big part of the Sky community is very open to) As you play with the same players, you will unlock more social functions that leads to deeper friendships.

Sky: Children of the Light is a great game that I recommend everyone to try at least once. It can be played by all ages, even many families play this together. It is also a great social interaction game where players can do nothing but form bonds with other players and do random things together. However, one caveat of the Sky: COTL is once you get through the game, there really isn't much else to do, other than your dailies and hanging out with friends/strangers so I would say the actual game content is quite short. If you have not played it yet, I definitely suggest you give it a try. For players who have already played through the entire game and are veterans, there is not much new to the game so I don't recommend picking it back up unless you are feeling lonely and want to make some friends.

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