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Smash Legends Everything You Need to Know

Hey everyone, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about Smash Legends and whether it is worth playing or not.

Smash Legends is a brand new cross platform arena brawler that takes components from Brawl Stars, Super Smash Brothers and Brawlhalla to become its own mix of an arena game. The game is currently in regional soft launch on iOS and Android devices as well as Steam for PC. Every smasher as the Smash Legends community calls them, is from a fairy tale story such as Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood but they are all portrayed differently from the original stories with an twist. Their abilities and attacks also has nothing to do with the actual fairy tale character itself so don't expect Captain hook to actually use a hook, infact Hook is a female who shoots futurist laser pistols. The game is currently only available in parts of Europe including UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland as well as Canada with lots more regions to come soon. I'll probably make a video soon on how you can play this game from anywhere in the world.

So if you have ever played Brawl Stars before, the game modes, user interface and how the game progression works is extremely similar, almost an exact match actually. However the gameplay and combat mechanics itself is much more of a brawler like Super Smash Brothers than a third person shooter type like Brawl Stars. The character mechanics in Smash Legends allows players to perform combos, aerial attacks and a jump button which you can use to evade enemy attacks. Some maps and modes are also platform based so you can get knocked off but you can ofcource do a recovery jump in mid air to try and get back. Some of the combat mechanic is a bit peculiar to the game such as the lack of aim mechanic, you really just have to point your character in the direction that you want to attack with the left D-pad and hope for the best, and sometimes your character will just completely miss for some reason, hopefully they'll improve this over time. Players can also juggle their enemies like in a fighting game where continuously landing attacks on an opponent will keep them locked and unable to do anything. This mechanic makes it quite interesting as players will need to be strategic about when to jump in battle and predict your enemy attacks so they don't get stuck in a combo. You can also perform many different combos too for each character which I'll cover more in a future video. There will also be gadgets just like in Brawl Stars coming in the future to give players more abilities during combat so we'll cover that in a future video. So far I think from a combat perspective, Smash Legends feels very smooth and has a lot of potential for high level play. It really felt like I was playing Smash Legends but in a Brawl Stars setting and camera angle, I really enjoyed it.

There are currently 8 Smashers in the game with each from a different story and more announced for future updates. Right now we have Hook a Captain Hook like character, Peter as in Peter Pan, Red from Little Red Riding Hood, Cindy from Cinderella, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Kaiser from X, Master Cat from X and Ravi from X. Each character is classified as a Marksman, Fighter, Assassin, Vanguard and Support so they all have very different playstyles and shine in different game modes or scenarios.

There are quite a few game modes available with the core ones being Dominion a 3v3 capture the flag arena and Battle Royale a last man standing type of arena which I am sure many of you are familiar with. The other game modes will rotate based on different days but they're all quite fun, such as a 1 on 1 duel arena, different point collectors and team death match.

You can play all of these modes in solo queue and get matched with randoms or you can do up to a team of 3 for pre-made matches with your friends. Premade teams are actually very useful in Smash Legends as some arenas will need a good team composition of tanks, damage dealers and supports especially for modes like Dominion where you need to hold your position. With that said, I think they'll have more strategic modes coming out in the future and possibly even official game tournaments so players will need to think about putting together strong team comps.

Anyways with all that said, I think you guys got a good sense of what the game is like, watch the end of the video for some gameplay and combat!

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