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Smash Legends March 30 Update - New Legend, New Map, New Abilities

We just got a massive update in Smash Legends with new legends, new maps, new abilities, character balancing and a bunch of other stuff. This is the first significant content update to the game's soft launch, so I am very excited to talk about it and give you my thoughts.

New Legend

First we got the evil villain of the Library world the Witch Queen being added to the Smash Legends Roster but keep in mind she's the highest rarity at the moment so getting her

won't be that easy and you better start praying to the RNG gods right now before opening any boxes. So she's a ranged mage that is classified as a support Legend.

Her normal attack is a magic beam that deals ranged damage. When you use this attack while in mid air, you fire 3 magical beams that attacks enemies on the ground sort of like Hook's aerial attack.

Her secondary skill is Evil Spirit in the Mirror which fires a giant magical orb, it seems like this orb is like a homing attack that follows and expands then explodes when it hits an enemy and deals AOE explosion damage. It also decreases enemy movement speed.

Her ultimate Green Curse attacks enemies in front of her and polymorphs them into a frog.

I bet this character can be really broken if you just abuse her secondary skill to attack enemies while running away to charge up your ultimate. Then as soon as anyone gets close to you, you just use your ultimate and polymorph them into a frog and attack them. This is definitely going to be a cheese character. Luckily she's super rare so I doubt many people will have her other than the whales.

New Map

We're also getting a new 1v1 Duel Arena map called Rapunzel's Broken Tower which is supposed to be a wider arena than the current 1v1 map that we had. You can see it's also built in a straight line instead of the weird curve one we have now. I am surprised they didn't have this as the first 1v1 map but I am glad they have it now. They should make a mode on this map for 2v2 also, that would be really fun I think. Just like a whichever teams dies first loses. So they're going to have this map rotate with the current arena map.


Now they're adding gadgets too, I mean abilities. Well if you ever played Brawl Stars, you'll know what I am talking about. So basically every character's loadout has 2 ability slots and you can equip quote unquote abilities in them. When your legend reaches level 5, the first slot unlocks, and when your legend reaches level 8, the second slot unlocks. There is going to be 3 abilities total available to each Legend and ofcource you can only equip 2 at most so you get a bit of customization which is kind of nice. We're all getting a free ability box every time one of our Legends reaches level 5 which is pretty awesome, just pray you don't get anything useless. So it seems like each ability can also be leveled up and enhances the ability's power which is a bit dangerous for the game because players with high level abilities will clearly have a large advantage over players who don't. Anyways we'll see how it turns out but hey Line Games let's not make this pay to win ok? This is actually a fun game with lots of potential so keep it that way.

So let's look at all of the Legend's abilities and see how game changing this is going to be:

So ya you can get these abilities from different boxes and ofcource the whales are going to get them much faster. The abilities aren't overly broken but will definitely create an advantage. I think over time every player will get them eventually but there is definitely going to be some unfair advantages fighting someone with fully leveled abilities and you don't.

Legend Balances

If you have been playing this game and have talked to any other player in the community, you probably have heard a few complaints about certain legends being too overpowered or underpowered. So the development team and Line Games seems to have made some balance changes.

For all legends, the damage of Wake and Hanging attacks have all been unified to 350. I didn't even know it was different before but I guess that's fine. That's good for balancing but at the same time it's weird since everyone Legend's attack power is different so it made more sense for the damage to be different. Anyways not a big deal.


  • Based on Cindy's dashing distance, knockback angle and distance of a foe hit by her ground skill vary.

  • A foe who is hit by her ground skill now will fall at a more certain distance.


  • : Ultimate's cooldown time will be decreased a little bit.

  • : Upon using Ultimate, super armor now will stay from the moment the attack has been initiated until the attack's delay lasts.

  • : When using ground skill, he will now land more naturally.

Master cat

  • The distance to dash when canceled with an ultimate right after a ground skill is reduced


  • After a normal attack, the delay for the next attack is increased.

  • When using a normal attack after using the ultimate, the foe's stun time is reduced.


  • A foe hit by ground skill will now be dragged in front of Ravi regardless of distance.

  • The delay time for the next attack after a ground skill attack is reduced.

  • The cooldown time of the ground skill slightly increases.

Other New Features and Changes

There are a few other little changes and events but those aren't really worth going much into. Basically you get some medals now if you land in the 5th to 7th spot, kind of like participation trophies. And there's a new event for people to earn free stuff by completing daily quests.

New Event Pop-up Store Event

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