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Stella Arcana - Beginner's Guide | 7 Things Ever New Player Should Know

Stella Arcana Beginner Guide - 7 Tips for New players


Welcome to the 7 things every new player should know about Stella Arcana when getting started. The game is compacted with many features and modes which may seem overwhelming, but don't worry because we've got you covered. This Stella Arcana beginner's guide will teach you everything you should know about getting started and the do's/don'ts as you progress through the game.

Watch the Full Video Guide:

1. Classes and Build

Each class will have a role of tank, healer, AOE dps or single target dps. Every character can be played in two separate paths, for example, the Omni Warrior can play as a tank or DPS depending on the talent path you choose. Also after players reach level 60, they can do class swap quests to easily switch to any other class. READ THE FULL CLASS GUIDE

2. Levelling and Quests

First always do your Horoscope quest before anything else to get some useful bonuses and buffs like item drop rates and increased damage. Make sure to do all of your dailies under the adventure tab everyday. Once they are complete, then focus on leveling through the main quest. Try to do this in a party for the EXP bonus and for a higher chance of successfully clearing higher levels of dungeons.

3. Guild Benefits

Join a guild ASAP for the added benefits including events, silver, the guild shop, guild research and much more!

4. Life Skills

Choose Forage, Collect or Mine to level up as life skills because these will give you the materials you need for end game gear. When you've reached your daily limit of main quest and dailies, spend the rest of the time on life skills and sell all the materials for gold. Once you're at the end game and you're ready to craft gear, this is when you start keeping the materials for yourself. Keep in mind to focus on leveling only one life skill at a time. Also, as your idle life skill, choose fish! It will give you plenty of nice rewards to exchange for down the road.

5. Gear and What to Keep

Progress through the game with the items you find from daily dungeons only while saving up resources. Once you approach late game, start leveling up your crafting proficiency and try to craft high grade items. If you are low on resources, you can buy it from other players in the trade shop.

6. Getting Stronger and more Power Rating

Look under the Hero's Path menu to see all the things you need to do to promote your rank and click each task that you are missing to auto path there. Also click growth guide to see the things you can do to get level and power up.

7. What to Upgrade

The following are things you should be upgrading as you are progressing through the game:

-Skills (Active, talent, life skills, guild passives)

-Under the Strengthen tab, you can bless and refine as they stick with you no matter what items you use. You can also Temper your weapon by inserting a weapon skill which can be unequipped or replaced as you come across better ones. However, don't upgrade your weapon skill if it is not epic or above. Don't do any of the other things here until max level.

-Soul Stones and Sacred Stones (For Soul Stones, only upgrade Epic 2* grade and above)

-Upgrade your battle pets as much as possible as they will add stats to your character.

-For mercenaries, don't invest into anything below Epic grade. Also, only invest into the ones you plan to use in your party and that fits into your telepathy cards.

-Astro Chart

Other than these, try to save the rest for end game, especially if they are specific item related. (Since you will be replacing items quite frequently as you level up)


I hope this guide has helped you on your quest to become the ultimate Stella Arcana player! Stay tuned for more guides and as always, for more information on the latest mobile games, Stella Arcana content and guides, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!

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