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Stella Arcana - Eternal Stars CBT: Gameplay Review on iOS and Android

Stella Arcana - Eternal Star Global Release Gameplay Review CBT iOS and Android


Stella Arcana - Eternal Star (Previously known as Light of Thel) by LRGame is releasing its official global version on both iOS and Android on January 6, 2021. In this article, we will take a look at the global CBT gameplay, combat, classes and other game features that will help you decide whether you want to pre-register for this anime MMORPG. Continue reading to see more details or watch the video for some live gameplay.

Stella Arcana Explained

Another Tales of Wind?

Being a Tales of Wind fan and played dozens of new auto-play mobile MMORPGs this year, I didn't have much expectations going into Stella Arcana - Eternal Star. However, after playing the closed beta non-stop for two days, I must say I am in love! It has all the features that I wanted in a mobile MMORPG including a smooth combat system, beautiful graphics, many classes to choose from, large amounts of character customisation/upgrades, various PvP and co-op PvE modes, a trading system, life skills such as fishing/gather/etc., a housing system and much more! It felt like I was playing Tales of Wind 2.0. Stella Arcana has an awesome Sprites system (somewhat like Pokemon) where you can collect various monsters around the world to be your companion. It also has a mercenary system where you can unlock higher tier ones through a gacha system, upgrade them and have them substitute as team members when you cannot find real players to play with.

Stella Arcana - Eternal Star Global Release PvP Gameplay Review

Available Classes in Stella Arcana - Eternal Stars

Players will be able to choose from six classes on the global release, with each class having the choice of either gender. After reaching level 50, players will also be able to switch their classes to any other the other classes freely. Each class's role will focus on one or mix of these six attributes; Agility, Attack Power, Stamina, Crowd Control, Armor/Defence, and Healing.

Check out the full class guide

Classes include:

Omni Warrior: A tanky melee class with high defence, good mobility and lots of crowd control.

Rune Mage: The wizard class of the game with large AOE damage and crowd control.

Elven Archer: The high single target DPS class with high attacks, crowd control and a lot of mobility.

Holy Priest: The healing/support class of the game with skills that can buff your team, heal them and revive them.

Shadow Assassin: The assassin class of the game with high DPS melee skills, a lot of dashes and mobility.

Rosen Knight: Is the Paladin style class or the TRUE tank class to the game where you are not only the tankiest class in the game but also can self-sustain.

Stella Arcana - Eternal Star Global Release Available Classes

Game Activities, Game Modes and Other Features

As mentioned in the section above, Stella Arcana has an incredible amount of features and game modes including:

  • A fairly diverse main storyline

  • Many raids/dungeons for solo or team

  • Various PvP modes including a 5v5 arena - Cross server 10v10 capture the flag - massive guild vs guild - and more!

  • Life skills such as fishing, gathering, collecting.

  • A housing on 'Seed Island' and farming system where you can build your house and land while growing crops to feed the animals.

  • Many daily quests from killing world bosses, completing dungeon challenges, collecting items, completing puzzles/quizzes and much more!

  • Crafting/forging system where you can also sell/trade items with other players.

  • A very awesome Pokemon like pet system called Sprites and an even more awesome mercenary system to help you fill gaps in your team.

Stella Arcana - Eternal Star Global CBT Gameplay Guide


You can think of Sprites like Pokemon, where you can acquire them by capturing them in the wild or some other means. They can be used as a battle pet, a mount or 'mini' for exploration tasks! Once you've captured a sprite, you will be able to get it in its egg form which will need to be hatched. Each sprite can be upgraded and evolved with their own individual personality traits. (Very similar to Pokemon!)

Stella Arcana - Eternal Star Global CBT Gameplay Sprites pets and mounts


One of my favorite features of Stella Arcana is the Mercenary system. Unlike most mercenary systems in games with personality-less AI controlled characters, the Mercenaries in Stella Arcana are sort of like a Hero Collector game. Each character has their own name, role, bonds, skills, items and more. From my time in the game, some of my mercenaries were stronger and played better than I did. (They actually dodge the enemy's AOE) Each player can create various mercenary parties to use for different situations. This will give players the ability to play multiplayer dungeons without the need to form a party with real players. (Although that is definitely an option, probably still the preferred option)

Stella Arcana - Eternal Star Global CBT Gameplay Mercenaries and Gacha

Final Verdict

I was very impressed with the Stella Arcana - Eternal Stars CBT gameplay, it had everything I wanted in a mobile MMORPG and more. The art style may not be for everyone, but if you do enjoy cute anime looking character designs, then you will not want to miss this one. You can pre-register for Stella Arcana on both iOS and Android now so make sure to do that!

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