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Stella Arcana: The Ultimate Gold and Silver Farming Guide

Stella Arcana - The Ultimate Gold and Silver Farming Guide

In this guide, we are going to talk about the secrets and best ways to farm gold and silver so you can spend tens of millions of silver everyday on the marketplace for enhancement materials and gold on the trading post for epic items and materials. If this guide helps you become a Stella Arcana billionaire, don't forget who helped you if you want to share some of that wealth.

Now without further ado, let's dive into the video and if you guys find this video helpful, please give it a like and subscribe to the channel for more Stella Arcana guides and other mobile gaming content.

Full Guide:


Let's begin with how to farm gold:

The first and best way to get stacks of gold everyday is to take advantage of the trading post system. You will need two things, items to sell and an alternate character aka an alt or multiple alts. The premise here is to sell items always at the maximum price aka a 50% markup for gold. Some items you will be able to post it at the maximum price and due to the item's natural demand, people will buy it right away. However, there will be other item scraps such as lower tier soul stones, sprite shards, dungeon items, and low tier crafting material won't ever sell even at the lowest pricing option. This is where your alt character comes in and buys it with their gold. With that said, you should definitely create alternate characters and get some of their daily and dungeons done, so they can sell items for gold and use that gold to buy items at max price from your main character.

Yes I know it takes more work to play multiple characters but trust me the bit of extra work will pay off in the end if you're looking to get rich, plus most of the events are auto-play anyways so it's not like you need to do that much more work. Also, if your alt character happens to find items that your main character needs, you can resell it back to your main character at the lowest price. But you will need to be quick because people might snatch that up from the trading post before you can make the switch. I recommend you selling everything you can early on in the game, especially the rare stuff that can get you hundred of thousands of gold since you may not need those and they will get cheaper as the economy grows and supply increases.

As you can see, I've sold quite a bit of items already in this last week and make a good chunk of gold for my character which I can now use for the items I will need down the road. You can easily do the same, so don't horde a bunch of items you don't need in your inventory which will just depreciate in gold value over time.

Now we got that out of the way, there is also some obvious ways to get gold including doing the world boss twice a day which will give you a bit of gold based on your damage ranking, opening treasure maps, auction bonuses and participating in the guild hunting grounds event on the weekend. There is ofcource the scholar's retest on Saturdays which can give you lots of gold from a 500 thousands gold pool that is based on how far you get on the quiz.

Also don't forget if you are really in need of gold, you can always use life skills to get materials and and byproducts which you can typically sell at max price since they are in high demand.

Now let's talk about Silver:

I'll start with the one that most of you probably don't know about which is going into the Winter Wonderland anytime during the day and start killing monsters and barrels until you find snowballs, which then you can use to build a snowman. By doing this you'll get some silver. Usually you will never find anyone in Winter Wonderland so you can easily roam around, maybe now that I've made this video, the place will get a tad more crowded.

Now to really get started, you need to get your horoscope quest done before anything at the start of the day so you can get the silver bonus for World Quests and Seal Fracture quests. Make sure to click on the Share Like button a few times so people can like your horoscope which actually increases the stars on your horoscope and enhances the buff. Even if you had a 3 star, this could be enhanced to 5 stars with enough likes.

Next is an obvious your daily quests as a lot of them will give you silver or items to sell for silver. Also, did you know, you can do up to 30 Seal Fracture per day as I noticed a lot of you only do your 10 per day. You will get silver, talent exp and experience points for all 30 runs which I'll talk about in a second for all 30 runs.

If you have the time, you should try to be the party lead for dailies because it will give you captain chests which can contain quite a bit of silver as well. Also once you have completed your dailies, go do more dailies...I really mean this, just go join other people's daily parties and get dragged along as you will get co-op points aka synergy points for it, which I will also talk about in a second. On the same note, when people are doing Bounty quests, you should try and join them because everytime they kill a boss, you will get around 200,000 silver, this means 1 million extra silver a week for every person's bounty quest you join.

Now remember I was saying to press the share button once you've done your Horoscope? You will see other people doing the same thing in World Chat, so make sure to click the like button for some free silver, it's not much but they do add up over time.

Also if you're lucky enough to be part of a guild that gives out a lot of red packets, make sure to be quick with your hands and click them as fast as possible to get potentially hundreds of thousands of silver in a pack.

So earlier I mentioned to get Exp points and Synergy points, head over to the points shop, where you will be able to get 600,000 silver in the Co-op shop with synergy points each day and up to 5 million silver in the points shop with experience points.

One thing people often overlook is the silver rewards from gifting certain NPCs. If you look at Epsilon for example, he gives you 14 million silver at friendship level 5, 42 million at friendship level 7 and another 57 million at friendship level 8. If you just look around at the NPCs, quite a few of them gives you a few million gold at fairly low levels, so this is definitely a quick way to earn some silver.

Here is one I learned myself recently, credits to Mjw for showing me this. There are rare beasts around the map which you can kill for multiple items including silver and NPC gifts, you can kill 5 a day. Once you find one, just simply switch channels to kill more.

Next is fishing, ofcource you can sell your fishes for silver but I do no recommend that. The silver part is really coming from the old clothes that you will need to wash at the Jermaine NPC. Not only will you get straight up silver, but you will also get items which you can dismantle for silver and more.

Finally some of the other ways which you guys might already know is killing monsters in plunder the ruins, participating in dimensional rift with your party and going for high personal damage ranks, using Forktail as a mini for exploration quests, completing various achievements and as a last resort, you can straight up exchange gold or diamond for silver, which I hope it never comes to that point.

I hope this guide has helped you on your quest to become the ultimate Stella Arcana player! Stay tuned for more guides and as always, for more information on the latest mobile games, Stella Arcana content and guides, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!


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