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Choosing The Right Class - Stella Arcana | All Class Skills and Builds

Stella Arcana Ultimate Class Guide - All Class Skills and Talents

In this Stella Arcana guide, we will be looking at the 6 available classes in Stella Arcana and their respective builds, skills and talent pathing. Each class has a total of 6 regular skills where only 4 can be equipped per skill plan, and 5th skill which is your ultimate from your talent plan.

Also each class can be played two completely different ways through the talent system where you will be able to upgrade talent nodes to modify character skills and passive attributes.

Watch the full guide:

Elven Archer

A long ranged bow user that can be played as a long ranged sniper or a fast mobility ranger.

Talent Path

Shooter - Focused on longer distance attacks with high crit. chance and high damage. Your ultimate shoots a string of arrows.

Reflex - Focused on quick movements, mobility and evasion. Your ultimate rolls you forward and fires homing arrows at 3 enemies.

Omni Warrior

A melee class that can be played as a rapid attack DPS character or a tank with loads of crowd control.

Talent Path

Tenacious - Focused on damage reduction/absorption and defense. Your ultimate removes some crowd control and taunts surrounding enemies while recovering your HP over time.

Shudder - Focused on dealing more damage and dealing critical strikes. Your ultimate deals a large AOE to enemies while giving you a shield.

Shadow Assassin

An assassin class that can be played as a stealthy killer or a brawler that can be on the front lines.

Talent Path

Thorn - Focused on stealth and burst attacks. Your ultimate makes you invisible while giving your next attack a huge damage boost and stun.

Shadow - Focused on survivability through evasion and resistance. Your ultimate removes all crowd control and gives you a huge evasion and poison mastery buff.

Rune Mage

A mage class that can be played as an AOE DPS magic user or an offensive support with enemy debuffs.

Talent Path

Flame - Focused on dealing high burst damage. Your ultimate summons a comet to strike a selected area dealing huge AOE damage and burn your enemies.

Mystery - Focused on debuffing enemies while doing damage over time. Your ultimate summons a large circle that reduces movement speed of enemies, increases the damage they taken and takes magic damage over time.

Holy Priest

A support class that can be a hybrid holy light damage dealer or a full healer and support character.

Talent Path

Discipline - Focused on dealing holy light damage to enemies while providing a bit of support to allies. Your ultimate will deal holy light damage to enemies.

Healer - Focused on healing and supporting your allies. Your ultimate will heal and buff your allies.

Rosen Knight

A protector class that can be played as an offensive tank or a support tank to protect your allies.

Talent Path

Justice - Focused on damage dealing while being semi-tanky and played like a bruiser. Your ultimate will be a charge skill that does DPS to enemies.

Defend - Focused on being a tank and supporting your allies. Your ultimate will allow you to protect an ally while taking reduced damage.

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