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Summoner Build: Blade and Soul Revolution Guide

Hello Mobo gang welcome back! Today you're going to learn how to build the ultimate DPS nuke build for the summoner class for both PvE and PvP in Blade and soul revolution.

This summoner build is to be played as a DPS burst class with lots of self buffs and crowd control into knockbacks and escapes for when your skills are on cooldown.

You will want to max out the Thorn Strike and Rumble Wasp skill tree, do this with an equal allocation method meaning you level them up all equally together. Then I suggest getting Sunflower Headband and Pedal Storm toss to level 10 under your ultimate stance. Now get your Lungeskill tree all to level 5. For the rest of the skills get them to level 5 only if you need the level 5 requirement variant otherwise leave them at level 1 on both stances. As for the rest of your skill points, max out your 2 skills under ultimate and put the rest into the Lunge skill tee.

For Skill variants, you may not have too much of a choice early on, but when you can, these are the variants I recommend:

Bloom -> Use variant 1 for damage buff.

Beckon ->Use variant 2 for damage.

Seed Shroud -> Use variant 1 for self invis and damage reduction.

Thorn Strike -> Use variant 1 for crit rate buff.

Grasping roots -> Use variant 1 for damage bonus.

Chestnub Bomb ->variant 1 for bonus damage on crit.

doom n boom -> Variant 3 is the best but it's hard to get, variant 2 is also really good for the weaken.

rumble wasp ->variant 1 for damage buff.

Solar Beam -> variant 2 for knockback.

Strike-> variant 1 for damage buff.

Double Thorn Strike ->variant 2 for the snare against melee opponents otherwise use variant 1 for the dmg.

Lunge -> variant 2 for the cat taunt.

For ultimate stance variants

Entangling Thorn -> Variant 2 for the extra damage

Petal Storm Toss -> Use variant 1 for the damage reduction buff

Huzzah and Rumble Queen you only have 1 choice.

For the skill rotation let me show you the skills then ill show you how it looks at the end of the video, first, you want to use Beckon, Thorn Strike, Rumble Wasp, Solar Beam, and Strike to start so you get your damage and crit buffs. Then use power pounce to lock the enemy while you finish off the thorn strike skill tree. Then use the Lunge skill tree to inflict more crowd control on the enemy and finally use Double Thorn Strike to get into your ultimate stance. Use Rumble Queen first to get the crit damage buff, then use Entangling Thorn to get the damage over time down, follow up with Petal storm toss, and spam sunflower headband for damage. Only use Huzzah when you need healing or you're taking damage. Otherwise save it. Keep an eye on the ultimate stance timer and don't waste any skills. For Seed Shroud, save this for when you are getting caught into a combo so you can escape, it has a 60 second cooldown so use it wisely.

For passive skills you'll want to max attack power 3, crit hit 2, crit hit 1, attack power 2, accuracy, then put remaining points in defense 2 and crit def 2.

As for Hongmoon Arts, there isn't much customization here, you just level each node to max before the next node even opens up.

For legendary pets, both dragons and awakened lycan are good for overall, and Wukong is the best for PvP. For heroic pets, you will want to aim for either awakened infernal lord for the pvp stats or blossom for the crit bonus.

You want to go for the Radiant Divine staff for the attack boost or the radiant dueling staff for PvP attack. As for legendary you will want Blaze for the attack buff. As for accessories,

For rare accessories go for 7 pieces of Fracture set for the Atk bonus or indomitable for the pvp atk. For heroic go for 7 pieces of the Release set for the attack or Ivory Spirit for the pvp attack. As for legendary you will want the Mushin set.

For your Soul Shield set you will want to aim for South fleet for the rare set and Gubong for the heroic set as they both give huge crit damage boosters. For heroic you can also get the Mushin set for PvP for the damage reduction.

The stats you want to aim for when you are reforging is attack power, crit or crit damage.

So you're going to want to play Summoner as a DPS nuke, basically stay out of the enemy's range when your skills are on cooldown and when they're back up, use your damage and crit buffs and nuke the enemy with your skills. Time your Beckon skill with your evade skills to buy yourself as much time as possible for your skills to come back from cooldown and if you are stuck in a pickle use seed shroud to go invis and run far away. Just rinse and repeat this playstyle and you should be good.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful and given you some insight on how you can build your summoner in Blade and Soul Revolution. Good luck on getting the game started right and let me know what you think of the character you chose in the comments below. Also don't forget to drop a like on the video if you enjoyed this and subscribe for more. Until next time my friends, peace!

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