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Summoner War Lost Centuria Gameplay Review - Was the Hype Real?


It has been over 6 years since the launch of Summoners War: Sky Arena and now we are finally getting a fresh take in the series. The long awaited for Summoners War: Lost Centuria by Com2Us has just opened the closed beta to the public from November 21, 2020 to November 30, 2020. Lost Centuria CBT has received quite a bit of backlash from the fans due to the number of pay to win elements in a PvP oriented game. In this article, let's play the game ourselves without any bias and take a look at the gameplay and features to see exactly what Summoners War: Lost Centuria really is and if it was worth the wait.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria Explained

Real Time Strategy Live Action PvP and No Auto-Play

At first, I thought this was going to be another hero collector/Gacha turn-based RPG with auto-play. As my first match began, I quickly realised the game's focus was very similar to Summoners War: Sky Arena where players go toe-to-toe in 1 on 1 matches. Each player gets to pick 8 monsters/heroes and 3 spells for their board (or deck if you're used to card games). The matches are live which means the played characters from each side will attack each other in live action while the players (summoners) can strategically use skills and spells during the match to turn the tide of the battle. Each character skill and summoner spell is on an mana system which accumulates over time, and once you have enough mana, you will be able to use the skill/spell.

There is absolutely no auto-play in this game which means players will need to give 100% of their full attention to each match. The game actually goes beyond just strategy and timing as reflexes also becomes a factor where players will need to time their skills to counter enemy moves. I think the gameplay was actually quite solid and has a lot of potential, however the problem is the unbalanced advantages each player has from their rare characters and upgrades which creates a strong pay to win environment.

Strategy and Mechanics

Summoners War Lost Centuria really reminds me of card games like Hearthstone where every unit and spell has its purpose on the board and the strategy you choose can make the unit a game changer or completely useless. The following elements will have a severe impact on your match outcomes:

1. The synergy between the units and spells you choose. (You will need to have a good balance between damage dealers, supports and tanks) The formation you use is very important because it will determine what units your opponent will be focusing on first. Also the front line and back line system will be important for more high level play.

2. Understanding how the skills of each unit works and how it impacts your team or the enemy's team. For example, using an attack buff when the enemy just used an invincible buff is completely a waste.

3. The timing of your counter attacks. In SW Lost Centuria, there is a counter-attack system where a properly timed skill can completely counter or negate an enemy skill, or at least get casted in priority. For example, if you see your enemy is about to cast a massive attack and you counter it with a invincibility buff or stun attack, you can completely negate the damage from the enemy and waste his mana.

4. Your loadout will be very key and this part may get quite pay to win. Each character can be equipped with runes and Skill Stones which you can craft that will give you more passive stats. You can also use the gacha system to pull for the best monsters/heroes which will give you an advantage due to their powerful skills. Then with the duplicates, you can use the points to upgrade your current characters which will give you even further advantages. (This section/point alone ruins a lot of potential the game may have)

5. Contradictory to the last point, lower rarity characters have a lower mana requirement, which means they will be able to use their skills much more - therefore, if you don't have an overpowered team, you still have a chance to win with a higher frequency of skill usage.

Characters, Classes and Summoner Spells

In Summoners War Lost Centuria, each character has an element and a type. The elements are Water, Fire and Earth while the types are Attack, HP and Support. When thinking about your loadout, you will want to take these into consideration and placing them in a balanced formation to go against any opponent. As mentioned in the above section, each character can be levelled, equipped with Runes and Skill Stones to enhance their power.

As for Summoner Spells, you will see an array of attacks, buffs/debuffs and others which each player can equip 3 at a time. These spells are very important as they can help turn a bad situation into a favourable one.

Other Game Modes

Although SW Lost Centuria places majority of its focus on 1v1 PvP, there are a few other game modes and features players will get to enjoy. This includes a single player Siege mode (storyline mode), Wanted mode - defeating specific enemies, Challenge mode, guilds/alliances, daily quests, crafting and more.

Final Verdict

Summoners War Lost Centuria CBT was rather fun to play when the opponents had a weaker board or similarly balanced board. However, 50% of the games placed me against someone who had a significantly stronger board making it almost impossible to win against. I hope the global release will take this feedback into consideration from many players and change this. There are currently no global release date set for the game but we can definitely expect this to hit the west at some point in 2021.

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