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  • Michael Wright

Sword Master Story First Impressions and Gameplay - Hero Collector Anime RPG


We tried out the newly launched hero collector side scroller RPG Sword Master Story by Super Plant today. Now available on iOS and Android, Sword Master Story features anime driven characters with your familiar hero collector/gacha progression mechanics. The main character Cain (Or shall we say Cain-Rito) faces a world of chaos and betray where he will need to assemble a group of allies and bring peace to the land.


Don't be fooled by the way the game looks compared to other turn-based games, the combat is actually very fast-paced and not so easy. You will need to pay attention and use the right skills at the right time or else you may end up in the dirt. Here is a video of our first gameplay of Sword Master Story packed with action, some gacha pulling and exploration of the game's progression system.

I do want to warn players that this game does not seem very free to play friendly as the difficulty increases rather quickly and resources for leveling/upgrading are rather scarce once you have used up what the game gave you from the beginning. The game is filled with cash shop items and the gacha system is rather expensive with low rates. I suspect the push for players to pay is rather intense and may turn off a lot of free to play players. However, if you are already familiar with hero collectors and gacha games on mobile devices, and you enjoy the genre, then Sword Master Story is definitely a title worth checking out.


I hope you were able to get some insight on Sword Master Story and decide whether this game is right for you. If you enjoyed this article and want to see more content on mobile games, please support our growing YouTube channel as we'll try to make more guides and provide the latest gameplay news on future games. Subscribe to our YouTube Here.

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