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  • Michael Wright

Things to Get on Amazon For a Better Mobile Gaming Experience

For all of you mobile game lovers, I am sure you have experienced certain mobile games or categories of mobile games that just feels difficult or frustrating to play using the touch screen or awkward grip of your phone. Here are some fairly cheap items which you can buy on Amazon to make your mobile gaming experience better. (We've added links to both the the Canadian Amazon and US Amazon)

Shooting Triggers

Phone Triggers for Shooting Games - US

Phone Triggers for Shooting Games - Canada

I personally find it very difficult to play shooting games on the phone without a controller or these triggers. These triggers will give you much more control while aiming using your right analog stick on the screen and can shoot using the triggers. It will also give you 4 touch points on your phone instead of just 2 (your 2 thumbs).

Controller Grips

Mobile Gaming Grips With Cooler - US

Mobile Gaming Grips With Cooler - Canada

These grips are designed to give you that console experience while playing mobile games. Depending on your phone, your hands may be in an awkward spot while holding the phone to play a game, it could be intruding on the screen, blocking the speakers, rubbing against buttons. These controller grips are amazing for long term game play since they are made for ergonomic comfort, give you full access to the phone screen and they even have built in coolers to keep your phone in the optimal condition.

Dual-Side Mobile Gaming Controller

Razer Kishi Mobile Gaming Controller - Android Only - US

Razer Kishi Mobile Gaming Controller - Android Only - Canada

Razer Kishi for iPhone

Razer Kishi for iPhone - Canada

For those of you looking for the ultimate mobile gaming experience, (especially if you enjoy shooters, fighting games and racers) then a dual sided controller is for you. I highly recommend going for one of the Razer products as some of the cheaper models on Amazon does not perform very well due to poor design, delay in action and difficulty in setting up. Don't worry about which phone you have because these will fit 99% of standard phones and is adjustable to fit your phone.

PS4 and Xbox Controller Clips for Mobile Phones

Clips for Xbox One Controller - US

Clips for PS4 Controller - US

Clips for Xbox One Controller - Canada

Clips for PS4 Controller - Canada

I personally use this set up to play my racing games, fighting games and shooters on mobile just based on my personal preference (I used to be a console gamer). This is one of the cheapest options as these clips fit pretty much every phone and if you already have a PS4 or Xbox One controller then you are all set! They feel solid once locked in place and the bluetooth connection from the phone to your controller is superb with no lag and easy to set up.

If you don't have a PS4 or Xbox One Controller, you can find them on Amazon for fairly cheap as well. I personally prefer the PS4 controller since it also has a touch screen.

PS4 Controller - US

XBox One Controller - US

PS4 Controller - Canada

XBox One Controller - Canada

Mobile Screen Magnifiers

Mobile Screen Magnifier - US

Mobile Screen Magnifier - Canada

These mobile screen magnifiers works well when you are using a controller especially for shooters to see long distance targets. They aren't perfect and it's definitely not as clear as directly on the phone. They are cheap however and are a great tool for watching videos and movies. They essentially double your screen size to 12 inches.

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