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  • Michael Wright

Warhammer Odyssey: 7 Tips For Beginners

Warhammer Odyssey Beginner Guide

With the new release of Warhammer Odyssey, I am sure many of you are looking to start the game and hit the ground running. Although, most of the game is pretty intuitive and you can figure it out with just some common sense. Ofcource there will be some stuff that won't be so obvious, not right away at least.

In this video, I will talk about 7 things that every player should know and tips that will help you progress much quicker in the game. Hope you enjoy, and if you

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1. First, you need to understand how levelling works in this game. Unlike most mobile MMOs, Warhammer Odyssey doesn't have your typical daily quests

that gives loads of experience. Instead, you will have the obvious main quest marked by yellow icons and some side quests which you can unlock by

talking to different NPCs marked by a Blue icon and these are one time things, so once you do them, they're gone forever. or third, doing repeatable quests

which is marked by red chest icons and these have no limit so you can do them as much as you want indefinitely.

However, the majority of your levelling and experience will come from grinding and killing monsters repeatedly like classic MMORPGs. So for that, I suggest finding yourself a group of no more than 6 players because that is when the experience gained for each player gets a heavy penalty and significantly reduced. So find a group of up of 6 players and start farming condense spots with lots of mobs. I recommend fighting mobs around your level or slightly higher. Here are some of the best farming spots in the early stages to get the most bang for your buck:

  • So to get from level 10 to 15, this area in the North Gate of Marienburg is the best place to grind as there are many enemies here that constantly respawn. You can make your way around the big circle indefinitely.

  • For level 15 to 18ish, you will want to farm just outside of Reiks Watch Fort in the Drakwald Forest area and kill the Gors and Ungors here as there are plenty of them.

  • Now for level 18 to 22 you will want to find the spiders in the North of Drakwald Forest just to the east of Dragon's Fall camp. These spiders are fairly easy to kill and there are plenty of them, hopefully you don't have arachnophobia.

  • Now when you are around level 23, you will want to farm Dragon's Fall area and kill the skeletons here as the current max level as of this date is 30. So you can just run around this camp and kill skeletons all the way until 30 but you will see progression starts to fall off quite quickly around level 28. I am sure there will be new game content to accommodate for players level 25 and up besides this area.

On top of getting the exp you need to level up, you will also get quite a bit of gold and silver from doing them and items which you can use or sell.

2. Next, let's talk about 3 ways to get the best items in the game and which method is best for you. I will be making a guide on how to farm gold and other currencies at some point so if you want to be notified when that video comes out, make sure to hit that subscribe button! Come on I know you want to.

  • So the first way is the most obvious way which are just drops from different mobs, typically the higher their skulls or rating, the higher the chance of better drops. Also there are world bosses in Warhammer Odyssey which can drop specific boss items which I talk about in the video to the top right here, so make sure to check that out if you haven't yet.

  • The second method is through the auction house which you can find in the middle of Rijkspoort exchange. Here you will often find some pretty useful items, but ofcource you will need to pay for them. I recommend scouring the auction house from time to time because you will find some pretty good deals here. It also tells you the person's name so you can message them privately if you want to try and bargain with them.

  • The third method is to get it from the merchant NPCs themselves with good reputation. There are general merchants that sell gear for every class and class specific merchants. Keep in mind, they all have an item refresh timer but there is also a way to reroll items, think of this as gambling or even a GACHA if you will. So how that works is you will first need to have high reputation if you want the chance of rare or epic gear to spawn in the shop. Reputation comes from killing monsters and doing quests in the area, and you can check for your reputation in that area in the stats section of your character screen. So in the Reiks Watch Fort area, I've been killing monsters non stop here to farm reputation which you can already guess that my reputation is maxed out. Therefore, my chances for purple items, yellow items and even orange items to spawn are quite decent. From here on, all you need to do is buy items that are cheap from the merchant as it will just spawn another one to replace it. So the trick is to keep buying these until you find something that is good which ofcource you can then buy that. However, just be careful as other players can see the same items as you are rolling and might snatch it from you.

So these are the 3 ways that I know of which you can get the best items, so either go and grind the mobs, become a trading master or bartering master, or become a gambling addict and pray to the NPC gods for some good loot.

3. There are 2 types of consumables that restore health and energy, one being potions which are instant recovery and the other one is food that regens over time and you cannot attack or get hit during this time or else that effect will end.

In Warhammer Odyssey, you can't buy potions from merchants, you can only get them from drops or other plays by trade or the auction house. Therefore a good substitute for healing or regenerating mana is using food that regens over time, and you can buy these from merchants. These are better for farming or grinding since you probably won't be in a situation where you will need to instant heal. It is also much more accessible and cheaper than potions.

4. A quick overview of how stats work because you will need to allocate them and decide which sub stats to keep on your weapon and gear.

Most of the stats are pretty intuitive but before I talk about those basics, let me quickly cover resistances since it isn't that simple.

So you will see a few types of resistances including fire, slashing, poison, piercing, crushing and magic. Fire and poison is pretty simple,

as they help you reduce damage taken by fire attacks and poison attacks obviously. Slashing helps you reduce the damage taken by enemies with swords,

piercing helps you reduce damage against enemies with bows and knives I think, not too sure about the knives part, crushing resistance reduces

the damage you take from hammer or club type enemies and finally magic resistance reduces magic type damage ofcource. With that said, I recommend

you keeping some spare items with different resistances depending on the spots you are looking to farm or challenge as they will come in quite handy.

As for general stats, weapon skill increases your damage, accuracy helps you to not miss, initiative helps you to evade enemies, wounds increases your HP,

focus slightly increases your damage, this one is not as good as weapon skill and leadership increases your maximum energy aka mana. Ofcource you also

have armour which reduces the overall damage you take from enemies.

DPS classes should focus on getting weapon skill and allocate a bit into accuracy and focus while tank types should put a mix into weapon skill and wounds.

5. Always use your normal attack 3 times consecutively to get a charge before using any skill, so when you used a charge skill, you will get much more

out of it. Every character's mechanic works this way where your third consecutive hit will give you some sort of a charge of up to 3 charges.

The charge typically enhances the damage dealt by your skill or have some other effect that enhances your skill. Also, the third

hit typically does double the damage of the first and second hit. You would think this is a no brainer but I still see a lot of people using their skills

without a charge or attacking with normal attacks without completing the 3rd hit combo.

6. Gears will break in this game and fairly often at that. When they break, you are going to A. do no damage and B. take a lot of damage

since your armor will be gone. Ofcource there will be normal wear and tear on your gear from just fighting, but everytime you die, the durability

on your items goes down by a significant amount and I believe after 3 death your items will go from perfect durability to 0. So the point here is

REALLY try not to die and always make sure to keep the durability of your items high just incase you are stuck in a situation where you won't be able

to find a blacksmith and need to fight off monsters. You can fight blacksmiths in most towns and it's always a dwarf guy with a hammer.

7. There is a storage in the game which is called a bank and it isn't so obvious. It is lockated in Rijkspoort at this location and you can drop off

whatever items you want here if you're running low on inventory slots and don't want to expand it anymore. I recommend always taking advantage

of the fast travel in the game, it barely costs anything and it'll save you plenty of time. The higher level the region you're going towards,

the more it will cost. At the end of the day, it'll just be a bit of silver which is nothing.

You will be able to unlock the fast travel points by completing side missions and main quests in those areas.

Hopefully that was useful and as more content comes out for the game I will be creating more advanced guides for you guys so stay tuned for that. If you enjoyed this video or found the guide helpful, please leave a like, comment and subscribe for more Warhammer Odyssey and other mobile gaming content!

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