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  • Michael Wright

Warhammer Odyssey - All Classes and Specializations | Best Class to Pick

Warhammer Odyssey All Class Skills

We will be looking at every single skill from all 6 classes and their specialization in the Early Access / Open Beta in the below video. Each class in Warhammer Odyssey has some base skills before level 10 which you can spec to, then you will have to choose between two paths to specialize. Specialization will determine the playstyle of how your class will be played:

  • Archmage can be played as a AOE DPS class or a healer

  • Engineer can be played as a DPS class with DPS turrets or a support class with defensive turrets.

  • Shadow Warrior can be played as an assassin or a long ranged assassin/archer.

  • Slayer can be played as a full DPS or as a Tank.

  • Warrior Priest can be played as a Tank or a healer.

  • Witch Hunter can be played as a DPS or...a DPS.

Watch the video below to see details of each skill on all classes:

Warhammer Odyssey is currently in its soft launch phase and should be rolled out to most regions by the end of January 2021 according to Virtual Realms. The game is available on both iOS and Android, you can pre-register for the game right now on the official website.


Warhammer Odyssey Soft Launch Gameplay

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