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Warhammer Odyssey Soft Launch - Gameplay and First Impressions on iOS and Android

Warhammer Odyssey Global Release Gameplay Review


We finally got to play Warhammer Odyssey and I must say, it was refreshing and a much needed experience for mobile MMORPGs. The game is published by Virtual Realms and has just gone into its soft launch phase on in certain areas, with a potential global release by the end of January 2021 on both iOS and Android. You can pre-register for the game now on the official website. In this article, let's take a look at exactly what is Warhammer Odyssey, the combat system, the open world, the character progression and much more. Keep reading and make sure to watch the video for some gameplay!

Warhammer Odyssey Explained

Was It Worth the Hype?

Warhammer Odyssey's gameplay brought back so many great memories of traditional MMORPGs with a slower paced combat system, no auto-combat or auto-pathing, a simple character progression system (No combat power here), challenging enemies (I died quite a bit), and just that old school MMORPG gameplay. The game throws you into beautiful landscapes with detailed environments and a vast open world with other players. You will need to find your way around the map, complete quests, and fight plenty of enemies along the way. I found the character progression a bit shallow with only a few stats to improve and a very simple skill tree. However, sometimes simple is good as it allows players to focus on the actual gameplay and appreciate its core. Keep in mind this game has ABSOLUTELY ZERO auto-play or pay to win features, which is a PRO for some and CON for others. One other feature players might like/not like is that you cannot attack and move at the same time. Overall, I loved the game and thought it filled a much needed gap in the mobile RPG world - continue reading to learn more about the game and its features.

Warhammer Odyssey Global Release Gameplay Dwarf Engineer

Available Classes in Warhammer Odyssey

See every skill from every class on Warhammer Odyssey

Players will be able to choose from one of six classes and three races, Human, High Elf or Dwarf. (You can be a male or female) Each class will have a specific role in combat and play style so make sure you choose a character type you think you will actually enjoy as the combat is a bit slow and cooldowns are long. The classes in Warhammer Odyssey includes:

Archmage (High Elf) - A mage class with powerful spells which can be specialised as a pure damage dealer or a dedicated healer.

Warrior Priest (Human) - A hybrid class between a tank and a healer where they can be in the front lines taking on enemies while protecting allies with powerful shields and group healing.

Engineer (Dwarf) - A short ranged DPS class that can build offensive and defensive turrets to support the team in combat. They can use guns or a hammer.

Shadow Warrior (High Elf) - An assassin class that can wield either a bow or dual swords. The shadow warrior can ambush enemies and are masters of evasion. They have stealth skills that allow them to get past or behind their foes.

Slayer (Dwarf) - A warrior class that can be played as a DPS or a tank. The Slayer has huge single target DPS, taunts, life steal and group crowd control. Not someone to be reckoned with.

Witch Hunter (Human) - A short ranged/melee DPS class who can wield swords, pistols and crossbows. The Witch Hunter is a true DPS class with the sole purpose of dishing out damage to the enemy.

Each class can specialise once you hit level 10 and prioritise a skill path to take. This will further determine your role in the game especially around team play.

Warhammer Odyssey Classes and Characters

Character Progression and Other Features

Warhammer Odyssey allows players to acquire loot from monster drops, chests, merchants and more. Some of the items you find will be for crafting, consuming to restore heal and items to equip. From what we have seen so far in the soft launch, there wasn't any way to increase the power of your character other than levelling up and allocating points to various attributes or equipping better gear.

Warhammer odyssey gears and items

Keep in mind there isn't a combat power/rating system so players will vary by strength purely from their level and the rarity of the equipment they've found in dungeons and the open world. There will be absolutely no pay to win in Warhammer Odyssey and it will very much a grind focused game.

Warhammer Odyssey Stats and Attributes

Multiplayer, Co-Op and PvP

Warhammer Odyssey allows players to challenge each other in 1v1 PvP duels in the middle of the city as well as party with other players to take on missions and the open world. Currently in the soft launch, a maximum of 3 players can be in one party. Remember the game is still in its soft launch stage so we could expect quite a few changes to come on the official release.

Final Verdict

I was very impressed with Warhammer Odyssey and that the team at Virtual Realms took a risk to bring a game with an old school MMORPG feel. However, I must say this game is not for everyone due to its slow paced progression and combat system. Other than that, it is a beautiful game to explore and re-live a simpler times in RPG gaming.

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