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Warhammer Odyssey: Level 15-30 Drakwald World Boss Guide

Warhammer Odyssey Drakwood Boss Guide

In this guide, I will show you how to farm all 9 bosses in the Drakwood region and a bonus 5 skull boss if you stick to the end. If you are new to the game, the Drakwood region is for players around level 15 to 30.

So in the Drakwood area, most of these bosses will have fixed drops that only they can drop, while some others can drop variable items which you can use or sell. I will show you the potential item drops in this video. Keep in mind they are quite difficult so I strongly recommend you finding a party before trying to take them on. Each boss will also have a different respawn timer so I recommend you running around the map to each of the location I am about to show you to try and hunt them, for this I suggest having a party and each person check a different spot to so you're not spending too much time running around.

First up we have arthur muller the zombie boss located on the far middle left of the map.

So that's him with the pitch fork standing next to the tree, his respawn timer isn't verified but I am guessing it's around 2 hours or so. He is a level 14 4 skull boss, most people should be able to solo him but ofcource it's always much easier to do it in a party, you probably don't need more than 2 people though.

Next up we have Greyfang which is the wolf boss located in west of the middle of the map, this is a level 15 4 skull boss and just like the zombie boss, can be solo'd by most people or done with a party of 2. The respawn timer is also around 2 hours or so.

Third we have Mar'jan the manhunter located slightly to the north of the zombie boss on the far west side. This is a level 19 3 skull archer boss. Depending on the strength of your character he's fairly easy and can most likely solo it. His respawn timer is about 1 hour long. Once you defeat him he can drop a level 19 purple shadow warrior bow or a level 19 necklace with some very awesome offensive stats.

Next is Unglath the pikecutter located mid east on the map. This is a 4 skull level 19 boss and I highly recommend going in with a party as this boss is a bit tougher than the previous ones. His respawn timer is about 2 hours long. He can drop a shield for warrior priests but I am not sure if that's fixed or just a random drop. It's also the only boss i don't have

an image of the drop unfortunately, sorry guys.

Number 5 we have Horgh Moonbay which is a mage boss located on the far right of the map. This is a level 20 4 skull mage with a wither skill that signifcantly slows you, so if you're going to attempt it go in with a party and fully commit to it because it will be hard to run away. His respawn timer is around 2 hours long as well. Once you defeat him, he can drop an archmage staff with lots of focus or a pretty decent engineer helmet. I think the staff

is a fixed item and some other items he can drop are variable which might apply to all bosses.

Next up we have Graath bearmauler located slightly north west of the middle of the map. This is a level 21 4 skull boss and gets quite tough, you definitely should go in with a party. This is probably when you want to start finding parties with a tank and healer while rest of the party is DPS. His respawn timer is about 2 hours. The item we saw him drop very commonly was this drape for shadow warriors.

Number 7 is Drakbar the bear boss located in this upper region, you can run there from Faulk's sentinel. Be careful on your way as there will be a bunch of bears that could hurt. Drakbar is a 4 skull level 23 boss and is very tough. If you are just the average player and I suggest having a fairly big party with atleast 1 tank and a healer. His respawn timer is about 2 hours as well. Also be careful if you're squishy because he will randomly switch aggro to damage dealers and hurts quite a bit. Once you and your team is able to beat him, you will be rewarded with this pretty awesome warrior priest cloak or this slayer torso.

The next one is located at the far north west above dragon's fall camp. If you hate snakes like I do, this Giant Snake boss won't be a pleasant experience for you. It's actually not too hard of a boss and you can most likely beat it with just 2 people. Just make sure to pull it away from the other snakes so you're not fighting an army of snakes. I am not too sure on his respawn timer but I can only guess it's about 2 hours long. Also I am not sure if he has any fixed drops but we did see this blade for shadow warriors drop a few times.

Finally we have Thildas Lordrecht which is in the skeleton area within dragons fall camp. He is a 4 skull level 25 boss and is very difficult. You will definitely want a full party for this with a tank and healers. I suggest you dragging him to the edge because a lot of skeletons will spawn near him and you don't want to fight more than just him trust me. His respawn timer is about 3 hours long. So once you defeat him, he can drop his nice offensive ring or this purple bracelet.

As a bonus, we have the snapping warhound located on the right side of the map near all of the other warhounds which is a very dangerous area so be patient when you're going through here. To be honest, we don't know if this is actually a world boss as it doesn't have a real name associated to it. But this is the first 5 skull monster i've ever seen and is extremely tough as he will put 2 stacks of bleed on you. I wasn't even tanking the boss and I had to constantly use potions just to stay alive and keep in mind I am fairly tanky myself. The respawn timer on this one is unknown, I expect it to be very long, if you guys do figure it out, let me know what it is in the comments below. Anyways after many casualties and blood sweat and tears, we were able to beat the boss but he didn't drop anything which was pretty troll. Maybe we just got unlucky, who knows.

Well there you have it guys, the full guide for all the Drakwood bosses and their drops. Thank you Noise for helping me with a lot of these bosses, couldn't have put this together without you. Anyways guys, I hope you enjoyed the video and found it useful. If you did,

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