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Warhammer: Odyssey releases Brand New Trailer

Warhammer: Odyssey is a mobile MMORPG based on the popular Warhammer lore. It’s developed and published by Virtual Realms.

Virtual Realm first announced it in August 2019, and after a big gap they have come up with a brand new Trailer.

Back in September, they had released a teaser, which made people sure that the development of the game is still on. Finally, they released the trailer, showcasing all the looks and features inside the game.

Although, the trailer doesn’t show a lot of content. It shows a glimpse of the game inside and has too many cut-scenes. To be specific, it contains 10 seconds long gameplay, which is undeniably hard to predict the quality of the game.

The team at Virtual Realms has made it clear that they will not have any pay to win features at all in Warhammer: Odyssey, which is always splendid news for a mobile MMORPG. The game will feature various races such as dwarves, elves and humans with race locked classes such as the Witch Hunter, Engineer, Shadow Warrior, Slayer and Archmage. Travel through the land of Marienburg to the Wasteland solo with mercenaries or with other players in the game on this adventure in the Warhammer universe.

As of now, the publishers have announced no date for the beta release. But you can pre-register yourself on their official website. The game is available for both Android and iOS.

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