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How is Wild Rift Different than Mobile Legends and League of Legends (PC)


In this article, I will show you some key differences or lack thereof between the Wild Rift Open Beta with League of Legends on PC and Mobile Legends. The Wild Rift Open beta went live yesterday on October 27, 2020 and is currently only open to certain regions. If you are not in one of the regions, see this Guide on how to download and play the game.


Wild Rift compared to League of Legends

Wild Rift vs League of Legends on PC Gameplay
  • WR has much faster paced combat where cooldown on skills are significantly shorter.

  • WR games lasts on average 15-20 minutes where LoL games lasts around 30-40 minutes.

  • It is much more difficult to execute high level gameplay on Wild Rift compared to PC due to the mobile control layout. (Think Lee Sin ward jumps and combos)

  • Certain character skills have been adjusted for mobile to make it easier on the player.

  • You can quick tap some skills for automatic aiming if an enemy is nearby.

  • The META will be different even if the champions and items are the same.

  • Wild Rift is on a mirror map system so sometimes duo lane is in bottom and sometimes top, depending where you start. Whereas in League of Legends, it's usually solo top.

  • Everything else seems very similar to League of Legends as Riot is trying to make Wild Rift as close to the fan favorite game style as possible.

Wild Rift compared to League of Legends

Wild Rift vs Mobile Legends Gameplay
  • Wild Rift feels a bit slower paced compared to Mobile Legends from a combat perspective.

  • Wild Rift is based on a rune system with preset passives while Mobile Legends is based on an emblem upgrade system (kind of like the original League of Legends) which can give seasoned players an advantage over new players/accounts.

  • Wild Rift has fog of war and wards for more strategic gameplay.

  • You need to go back to base in order to buy things in Wild Rift.

  • Towers die way faster in Mobile Legends compared to Wild Rift which means games lasts shorter than they do in WR.

  • Wild Rift feels a lot more balanced than Mobile Legends. (There are too many broken champions in ML)

  • Mobile Legends has a lot more game modes aside from the typical MOBA where as Riot has broken out the games separately between Wild Rift, TFT, etc.

  • Mobile Legends feels more cash grabby with various gachas and micro-transactions to bait players. Skins can get extremely expensive in Mobile Legends too where Wild Rift is a standard buyout which will cost you $5-$20 USD per skin.

  • Both games have a lot of similarities and I wouldn't recommend one over another.

Items and Loadout


Nothing special here, items are just items. However, Wild Rift definitely has more active skill items than Mobile legends which further increases higher level of skill play. Compared to League of Legends, Wild Rift has the exact same items with some minor adjustments. See LoL:Fandom for more details on Wild Rift items.

Summoner Spells

Wild Rift and League of Legends have the exact same summoner spell layout where each player gets to choose 2 for the battlefield. In Mobile Legends, you get to only choose 1 summoner spell while having an overtime health regen spell given to every player.

Runes / Emblems

The biggest different between Wild Rift and Mobile Legends is the Rune system (WR) vs the Emblem system (ML). They both serve similar purposes which is to give some customisation to your character in terms of unique stats and passives when entering a game. In Wild Rift, players get to choose 4 unique runes that will empower them in some form where every rune is comparable to another (You will have to level up to unlock more though). Where as in Mobile Legends, emblems give raw stats and levelling them takes a very long time so many players will spend money to upgrade it which actually creates a small Pay to win component for ML. However, you can max your emblems as a free to play player too if you grind long enough.

Is Wild Rift Pay to Win?

Not at all, the only thing you can purchase with money in the entire game are skins for your characters. They are also rather cheap compared to most mobile games and is on a pay for skin instead of gacha for skin.

Final Thoughts

League of Legends Wild Rift vs Mobile Legends

I truly enjoyed my experience playing the Wild Rift open beta and will continue doing so as it brings back some nostalgic memories of my days in League. If you love League of Legends on PC or Mobile Legends, Wild Rift is definitely not a substitute (Especially for PC players), so continue playing those games and maybe play Wild Rift on the side. However, I do expect a huge influx of players to migrate from mobile MOBA games to Wild Rift when it officially launches, so if you want to go where most players are, then WR will be it.

For more information on the latest mobile games, guides and just thoughts around the topic, follow me on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!

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